The Queen’s Birthday Parade – 2017

Every June the Queen of England celebrates her official birthday with a military parade. A unit from the Household Guard and all five of its massed bands perform the celebration in her honor….

by Robert Morecook

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44 thoughts on “The Queen’s Birthday Parade – 2017”

  1. The passionate menage-a-trois between the Crown, the Military and the People is both heartwarming and reassuring. It is an undeniable, inarguable, and irrefutable fact of life and nature that God is an Englishman, and according to Prince Otto von Bismarck, He holds a Special Providence for drunks, little children, and the United States of America. May God Save Her Majesty, and may God Bless The USA!

  2. Robert, funny, the Queen of Scotland does the same at precisely the same time at the same location, every year…………..strange world !!!! Oh!, i forgot, The Queen of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc., etc. does as well.

  3. Drum Majors Seen from Right to Left: Drum Major WO2 Maurice Brown, Scots Guards; Drum Major Rab McCutcheon, Scots Guards; Senior Drum Major WO2 Scott Fitzgerald, (Center); Coldstream Guards; Drum Major John Smillie, Irish Guards; Drum Major WO2 Tony Taylor, Coldstream Guards

  4. She is actually the Queen of the United Kingdom and also of Canada, Australia and New Zealand, etc.
    On a 18th or 19th century battlefield, with masses of black powder smoke in the air, the Colours of a battalion, each unit having slightly different Colours – generally two flags – marked its centre and the men needed to know what they looked like. Hence the Colours were, from time to time paraded, or Trooped, before the men.

    Colours were, and are, blessed by a churchman and had a semi mystical status, they represented the Regiment now and going back in time. To lose a Colour in battle, captured by the enemy, was a huge disgrace to a regiment, felt by every officer and man in the unit and soldiers would perform almost any feat of courage to save them.

    This year it is the Irish Guards, created as a result of the gallantry of the Irish Regiments of the British Army in the Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902 and traditionally including many Irish and Catholic soldiers.

    Great Britain forever.

  5. if it is the most beautiful military parade I do not know but British soldiers march too well and their traditions are secular and the uniforms are really beautiful … down the hat

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