THE POWER OF FAITH ► 2017 MOTIVATION – Best Motivational Speeches Compilation

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Author : HESMotivation
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24 thoughts on “THE POWER OF FAITH ► 2017 MOTIVATION – Best Motivational Speeches Compilation”

  1. I love watching these types of videos!
    They sure do boost the psyche up!!!!!!
    I'm an up in coming Youtuber and it would really mean a lot
    if some of you in the community here
    could check out the channel i created and give me a shot.
    I mostly try to make high quality Lyric videos for now though
    I would really appreciate feedback on how I'm doing.
    Thank you so much to those still reading xD Kudos!

  2. it's such a great video! i listen it every day in the morning and it gives me a lot of believes, courage and power to do the things i want, sometimes it's not the things that people will support me to do, i know that they're worried for me, they said that i have to do this thing, that thing, but they don't know what is really good for me, only i know it, only i know what my passion is, so i have to get strong brave to prove with others. and i have to say thanks for this video so much <3 <3

  3. hi Hes19motivation… your video really inspires., me…..

    And i have a request., can you plz let me know the Piano and Background score track. in the first 4mins of the beginning of the video., i want to know the music track., plz tell me where can i find., it.,
    I really appreciate the way you compiled the video., with the best music tracks, that soothen my troubling mindset and help me calm out.,


    i request you to plz share. the music track details.


  4. how to developpe the mindset of a winner ? I've a mind set of a loser
    that holding me to go out of my confort zone, to do new things, sport,
    travelling, to have friends, to have a girlfreind, to take actions to
    achieve my dreams. If I do not change my mindset I know that I'll make
    no change in my routine life.

  5. It's not the situation, but whether we react negative or respond positive to the situation that is important.
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  6. What an amazing video!! I've been suffering with depression and anxiety my whole life but my time to shine starts now no more excuses no more fearing the life i desire im going to take action and achieve all my dreams no matter how many times i fail i will never give up!!.

    Good luck to everyone who sees this comment i wish you all what you deserve in your life's!!:)

  7. I think your videos saved my life. I was in a real slump after university and I felt lost, out of control and helpless. Now I'm exercising again, working towards my goals and I'm happy. Thank you so much for uploading.

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