THE POWER OF COURAGE ► 2017 MOTIVATION – Best Motivational Speeches Compilation

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  1. Money is a good thing to want to achieve.But it is very much alive.And you have to keep hold of yourself,your values.Cause living for money is a very weak why.Money is like a wild king cobra.Go in careless and youll get bit and die. Learn how to snake charm and youll go in more carefull and alert.Treat money as a king cobra.So as you grow in your success always be true to yourself and never let money control you.Work together

  2. Plug Yourself in ! Zig ziglar recommends watching the same video at least 16 X's. Best times 4 Brain to receive Commands early morning upon Rising and late evening just before drift off.

  3. Writing a problem for me but i see not to be frighten about it, I set out on request as a photographer and now experiencing emotion you talk about. Falling to the knees, losing friend, getting up early, most of all falling in love with the person who helped me along the way and losing her. It hurt so bad, but i haven't given up, i started out reaching people to help them get recognize and me. Now i'm busy every weekend to get my name out to the public. Most of all i have a fashion designer to help me out as well, with model to help out.
    thank you for the video this helped me so much, when i'm at my regular day job i listen and when i'm home editing images i listen not to forget the emotions i'm going though. Thank you

  4. 3 years ago I was spun out living in a condemned apartment. I lost my mind after my daughter died. Today I stand before you to let you know how powerful we are. I am so greatful to be alive. This is for those who have peered into the void and never look back. Put your feelings aside whem you're in hell, they'll lie to you. KEEP IN MIND ONLY THE END RESULT.

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