THE NEW GENERATION – Street Fighter 3: SF Legacy 2016 (Part 9)

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25 thoughts on “THE NEW GENERATION – Street Fighter 3: SF Legacy 2016 (Part 9)”

  1. max wtf u talkin about "the sounds are terrible" :s u fukn kidn me?! i had sf3 on the ps2 but i've always liked new gen and 2nd impact better because of the way better impact/punch sounds ('cause they sound fuckin HARD!), AND, ryu's voice is fuckin awesome here!!! the best ryu voice ever. ryu's voice in sf5, now THATs a fuckin joke!
    another thing that's better is sean's double hit dragon punch. i never understood they made it in a double-fist dragon punch in 3rd strike :s
    about the EX moves, i rarely use them anyway so i dont mind it not being at new gen n 2nd impact.
    minus: no red parry

  2. I am really questioning their decision to switch stages between here and 3rd strike. These stages look more street fighter than 3rd strike's.

    On 3rd Strike, it just seems like everyone's moody and wants privacy when they beat each other's faces in.

  3. Ok someone please help me
    In all of Max's SF legacy videos, is he talking to us the viewers or is there someone else there he's talking too???

  4. Looking back at this, I wish that AT LEAST in the initial version, Ryu and Ken (and maybe some more classic fighters) would be secret boss characters so that it wouldn't get too much backlash. But it was big of Capcom to try something completely different at first, and I respect them for that. But now because of the people, Capcom is not willing to go through that shit again. Thank you, fellow SF fans from '97!!

  5. Never realised the stages were so nice they are better than third strikes imo. Gotta agree with you on the characters though. When I first saw it I was like holy hell its SF3 this is gonna be awesome then went over and there were hardly any SF characters in it and I went away and played something else.

    Think it would have been better if they had called it something else without the SF name.

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