The Last Days 2017 – Francis Chan

The Bible is very clear in what is going to happen in the end of times. The Bible shares how we will love pleasure and sin and will be lovers of self. That is …

by BRMinistries

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28 thoughts on “The Last Days 2017 – Francis Chan”

  1. So true. Our churches today are constantly trying to draw people with a focus on SELF. It's all about you: a short service, good coffee, feel comfortable, feel fulfilled, etc. These are good things, but every good and perfect gift come from the Father of Lights. He alone should be the draw of the church.

  2. With all the responses I don't expect you to come back with an answer for me, but I'm going to ask it anyway. Do you believe in predestination the way John MacArthur and Mark Driscoll do? If so, what scripture is that found in?

  3. Thank you brother Chan!!!!! You've helped me and my girlfriend to grow closer in our understanding and walk with Jesus. Keep up the good fight!

  4. Truth and Gospel. Not easy but necessary. We cannot afford to hear this and do nothing. We cannot go on with business as usual. I need to meditate on this! Let us come together as One in the Body of Christ! His purpose – His will!

  5. Shalom,

    Great message. I no longer go to such building but it does not make me less Christian.

    When I'm growing older I do not go church for asking better wealth, fame, job, money, vacation or females. I do not know why Pastor praying such things for me? Bless with a good job?

    Well, I came to pray, to worship to give glory to God. Not to ask for favor but ask for forgiveness n protection.

    I'm a loser in this world n in their eyes but is OK. I know where is my true home. I'm waiting for that glorious day to go home.

    I'm not surprise with the world today. I had been informed, it was well written in the prophecies. But many Christians still got amazed by all these…..

    All glory to Abba YHVH. In Lord YaHshuah haMashiach glorious almighty name. Amen

  6. I've been so obsessed after one night that I was doing my usual smoke of marijuana. I was high and God spoke to me. It freaked me out that I could hear him. Not audibly, but thoughtibly? I don't know, but I know it was him. I stopped doing drugs, left my girlfriend who was (not my wife.) Sold my video games, bought as much literature on Jesus as possible and went from there. Now I have a small following on YouTube where I pretty much offend people with all that God puts on my heart. It's been a journey. By the way, if you're wondering what God had told me, it was this. "You'll be dead a lot longer than you're alive."

    Completely obsessed. I pretty much don't do anything unless it brings glory to God. I've lost so many friends… So many family… I've lost everything really, but I gained Christ right?

  7. OMFG what are we going to do. They also have a date of the end time , this is from a reliable source who got it from a friend who has an uncle that works for the shadow government; the exact end time date you have to calculate yourself, first by taking your birth date and then add 78 years, this will give you the end time date, unless you get raptured before this date, but this should be accurate for the average American, so tell everyone and dont risk or waste your life, time here on earth is short.

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