The Finnish Trump Sketch 2017 (eng-sub)

Time to laugh!
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Author : Vlad Putimir
A sketch from the Finnish comedy show Putous. (C) MTV, I own nothing, but the video was translated to English by me.


27 thoughts on “The Finnish Trump Sketch 2017 (eng-sub)”

  1. +pvaz Here is what you said: Jim Beck in the last decade we had about 400 victims of terror attacks while in 2015 alone 462 persons died in 'school massacres' in the USA. You limited it to schools, not the entire population of the country. You said died, not just injured or involved. There were 20 deaths. Only one would be considered a massacre. That killed 10 people, it occured in Oregon on 1 Oct 2015.
    I am convinced this was a deliberate attempt to make the situation seem far worse than it actually is. Typical anti-gun tactics from people, especially from other countries, who do not trust their public with guns.

  2. Please, Finland, I hope this is the dumbest you can do and it is exceptional. Because rather than funny, this is plain stupid, Trump-hating, pro-Hillary and pro-Obama, soar-looser leftist piece of crap. Even the exposed boobs won't save it. Bthw it is quite offensive against Melania. I want to see you making fun of Obama couple – ain't happening, right? Cuz they are black and that would be "racist."

  3. Okay, okay, maybe they got a few points wrong about how laws in the US are written, but there NOT the point behind this sketch at all. The way the two presidents behave in general is more the point and that is pretty well-put.

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