The Fall of Satan and the Rise of Adam – Nouman Ali Khan – Gulf Tour 2015

This lecture is about the demise of Iblis from Allah’s favor and the rise of Prophet Adam as the inheritor and successor on Earth.

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This video was recorded in Masjid al-Kabir in Kuwait in February, 2015.


20 thoughts on “The Fall of Satan and the Rise of Adam – Nouman Ali Khan – Gulf Tour 2015”

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    The Fall of Satan and the Rise of Adam

  2. where in the Christian religion does anyone say comeing to earth was a punishment?? the only punishment was the eating of the forbidden fruit ,,and the exile from the garden of eden ,,, for Not following Gods commands,,, but as being on the earth a punishment,, i say no thats only a opinion to support your teaching,, to utilize lack of understanding and knowledge that others may not understand ,, this is my conflict with religion,,, saying one religion believes this or that way without knowing or understanding,,, we was not made for earth we was made for the garden of eden ,but made from earth,, we became exiled because adam and eve did not keep Gods first commandment,, of not eating of the fruit ,,,,

  3. I've been contemplating these verses for sometime now and this was the conclusions I also came up with. I did not want to make up these interpretations without authority or misguide other so I remained silent. Interesting.

  4. Wonderful lecture alhamdulillah, I always thought that Adam asking for forgiveness for his sin made him very different from iblees, this lecture confirmed for me the importance of taking responsibility.

  5. Bro Nouman
    I'm a confused kid. I know that you and Bro Yasir Qadhi are buddies but the thing I can't get is that you say that Aqeeda doesn't exist but Bro Yasir says it does and he also studies it. So, tell me who's right and who's wrong so I go from being a confused kid to being a dawah kid… :)

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