The European Refugee Crisis and Syria Explained

Why is the refugee crisis all over the news? How is this related to Syria? Why should we care at all?

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The Future of the Global Muslim Population

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The European Refugee Crisis and Syria Explained

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19 thoughts on “The European Refugee Crisis and Syria Explained”

  1. Europe has failed to learn from the past now they are doomed to repeat it! they have disarmed the citizen population so now they are ripe to be culled just like the Germans culled the Jews during Hitlers time. only it will be the Muslims culling the non Muslim population! I hope your women enjoy wearing Hijab, niqab, and burka's, don't let your daughters leave home with out their coverings! in Europe if some Muslims choose break into your home to rape your 14 year old daughter the best you can do is try and call the police that if they don't beat the crap out of you and tie you up and force you to watch them brutally gang rape your daughter. and even if you do manage to call the police, by the time they arrive they will have raped her several times and still have time to make sandwiches and say their prayers saying "Allahu Akbar" god is great! I thank god for our second amendment her in the US. If some Muslims try to break into my home and rape my sister because she is wearing a short skirt, they will be quickly treated to a hail of led and then a long nap in body bags, we have stand your ground laws, so no worries about the government treating us like criminals for defending our home and property with lethal force!

  2. Countries like Germany are taking these refugees because they want to look nice. They want to look nice, because they are still somewhat shameful of their Nazi origin. There is one problem with taking these refugees into your country. You will eventually want to get rid of them. When peace is established in Syria, Germany will forcibly send the refugees back to Syria. The refugees will then be really pissed. You will then look like the bad guy. TL;DR refugees will like you now, but they will hate you later. Just act like you never heard of them.

    Comment frequency: Very high (cause: controversy)
    Opinion diversity: Very high (more diversity of claims of evidence/bases for position on anti-refugee side)
    Hostility: Medium-high
    Sources backing up opinion: Low (apparently noone can be bothered to actually back up their claims of fact or their claims of lying)
    Classification: Tier 3 Shitstorm (severe; quite intense and vast in scale)
    Recommended course of action: Proceed carefully, disregard claims without source and do not appeal to ethics-based biases about information. Remember: Ethics is good for decision making but is bad when it biases/distorts your view on what the facts are. Do not proceed if you are either highly sensitive to butthurt or prone to logical fallacy.

  4. Saudi Arabia took over 2 mil. refugees and spends millions daily donating food and other goods to refugees around the world. Plus, they all got visa, free education and health care. I understand that the goal of USA and Iran are trying to make as bad picture about SA as they can, but saying that they recived 0 refugees is just stupid…

  5. Its only sad and shameful how europe leading countries and its leaders dealing with this situation… or should i say trying to avoid dealing with it.. I cant believe that we are living in 21 century…

  6. it would have been cooler if this was objective and not like a plea like "yo refugess could be the best thing that ever happened to us yuhyuh" i mean this should be an explanation not a default opinion former

  7. You are such racist….. You hate muslims and that's just not accaptable beacuse we muslims did nothing bad to other nations/relegions.

    Isis is no relegion. Isis is only terror.
    If you agree leave a like

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