The best Protection Trained Dogs – Premier Protection Dogs Overview 2015

Ivan Balabanov’s Premier Protection Dogs overview of various stages of training and dogs.
Few notes that may be helpful and answer the most FAQ:
*The Ferrari did not get hit with the stick 🙂
*The guy at 3:20 is attacked on command and direction of the handler. It is training exercise where the dog has to be guided … even to a person who appears not to be a danger on first sight.
*3:44 the same thing, it is not about being dead, but not going to attack without the handler allowing it to do so. Strictly for training control. In real situation this will be handled very differently.
Hope you enjoy the video as it is just a sample of training


20 thoughts on “The best Protection Trained Dogs – Premier Protection Dogs Overview 2015”

  1. Why do you give german commands to a belgian dog? I understand it, if they do come from germany and had at least their first stage of training there. Otherwise i see no point in commanding your dog in german.

  2. My dad's friend was big into dogs and training them. He had more than 10. One day he went shopping for a couple of hours. He came back and one of his dogs had his mouth around his neck. Afterwards when he called the cops it came out he was lying there for 2 hours with the dog and whenever he tried to move the dog would tighten it's grip. He was gonna rob his house that's why the dog got him so it's pretty nice to train your dog's.

  3. The good working dogs should bite any part of the body and face is including. Check out russian ring to see that…. Figurants wear hockey masks to prevent face damaging.
    Any way I put like for the video.

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