19 thoughts on “The Best Diesel Trucks of Insta Compilation | February 2017 Part 4”

  1. That gauge that says EGT on your dash actually means Extra Good Titties so the higher the number the better the titties!.. more coal=more titties… diesel math

  2. Just askimg anyone that has an answer os it a requirement in the USA to lift and put huge wheels with tiny tires on all trucks as soon as you get it. most of these trucks look bad with those this tires.

  3. No big deal. These are the trucks you see on Craigslist when the engine or transmission fail in a year. Or they can't afford to spend $1600-$1800 for new massive meats that they have burned off. Only thing that's missing on these trucks, are the cliché "truck nuts" that prove that they have serious masculinity issues. Funny stuff.

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