The Battle for Tallfield! – High Rollers D&D: Episode 6 (21st February 2016)

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37 thoughts on “The Battle for Tallfield! – High Rollers D&D: Episode 6 (21st February 2016)”

  1. You sir, are an amazing DM, and I would be happy to have any of you as a player, you guys work very well together, except Jiutou, you are mean lol… but it makes it interesting for sure, such colorful characters… i have a Druid in my group and I keep waiting for that MoonBeam from Elora, probably at later lvls… trying to catch up on series, thank you for posting to youtube!

  2. BARIS is alive! 😛

    PS: Matt is for sure a Drow. All of them are truly great at embodying their characters.
    This entire series so far could be animated and successful .

  3. I hope Jiutou doesnt come back. I hate her personality! It just makes things awkward. Ive played with team members that do this and it makes interaction with them almost impossible. Kim do something better I know you can! #DontsaveJiutou

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