The all-new BMW 1 Series. All you need to know.

Be one of the first to have a closer look at the all-new BMW 1 Series.
A revised design, more dynamic and efficient engines. This is the all-new BMW 1 Series. Let us show you all you need to know to compare it with the current BMW 1 Series.
If you like to see some driving scenes, have a look at the official launchfilm: and don`t forget to subscribe to the official BMW channel:


20 thoughts on “The all-new BMW 1 Series. All you need to know.”

  1. Here is everything you need to know about BMW

    If you own one, it's because you have importance issues, so you need to feel important on the road, because your not in real life.

    The intimidating headlights proves my last point, the drivers of these cars are often clowns on the road, with no regard for public safety and often these cars can be found living on council estates where the owners can't really afford to own them, oh and that's because BMW are laughing all the way to the bank, your not buying German, component parts are mainly made in japan. Even the badge is not made in Germany!

  2. Не понимаю, почему сразу нельзя было сделать такой красивый и гармоничный дизайн единички?

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