The 2017 Tokyo Auto LOLS Salon: Day 1

Welcome to the 2017 Tokyo Lols Salon. Um Auto Salon. This was just Day 1 of some of the cars, girls…and odder things I saw. Part 2 will be up shortly. By far the …

by effspot

For every vehicle enthusiast, this video was spotted today by our team and has received a 2703 number of likes! We hope you like it, as much as we do!

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47 thoughts on “The 2017 Tokyo Auto LOLS Salon: Day 1”

  1. Most people come to these type channels to hear specs and pricing and all you say is, AAAhhhhhhh UUUUmmmmm. So to say there is plenty of other channels that have specs is one of dumbest things you could say. So you want to lose subscribers and viewers I guess. I want to hear you say what the model, year, and some specs. Not that some weird guy is laughing or that guy with backpack looks like someone you know. F@#k me running.

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