TET VIETNAM EVE 2017: Vietnamese Lunar New Year VLOG 2

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by Kyle Le Dot Net

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42 thoughts on “TET VIETNAM EVE 2017: Vietnamese Lunar New Year VLOG 2”

  1. Kyle, I think the tradition will continue generations from now. When I was there in VN, up to 1975, the markets would open only up to noon on Tet Eve. Everyone hurried home to prepare to have a welcome ceremony for deceased ancestors and family members. they will have food laid out for them every day for the 3 Luna New Years days. a farewell ceremony would be on the 4th day.

  2. Hey Kyle, great video and it was very touching about your pondering what will your relatives do when the authority implement their zoning ordinance and its effect on burial sites. Many here in the West don't think it's a big issue but in Vietnam and China where ancestral worship is so important, it's a huge stress for the people. Looks like you're going local Kyle, not a bad thing, actually pretty good in my mind. Also, hilarious when you were trying to convince you're full.

  3. On a slightly prosaic note, does not Tet formally count down to the first dawn of the New year?
    I know Japanese Lunar New-Years(there are multiple) count the year ended at the sunset, and the New-Year begin at dawn, thus on the night betwix the two you are between this world and that.

  4. Dear Kyle
    Happy New year, and may you grow, growing new branches as you take root…
    May you be happy, and may your happiness through you grow, that you may know it surging in you and flowing out of abundance onto others.
    May you not want, but ever strive, knowing fulfillment and the beauty of seeking Perfection…
    May you be true, and take repose of with every year becoming more of yourself.
    May you know the sweet wine of friendship, that your friends may have the joy of truly calling you by the precious title of friend.
    May your loneliness be to you a muse, and love the music to your prose
    May your Fandom never fail, nor your subscribers forget.
    May you exult at the end of this year in the knowledge of having produced something that's worthy of the world.

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