Tesla P100D vs 2017 640 HP Cadillac CTS-V and new World Record

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Author : DragTimes
Watch the Tesla Model S P100D take on the brand new 2017 640HP Cadillac CTS-V and set a new world record for the quickest stock 4 door sedan.


32 thoughts on “Tesla P100D vs 2017 640 HP Cadillac CTS-V and new World Record”

  1. well here's the deal. awd, and over 120 more horsepower. It won't even be a race no matter what kind of cars they are. I don;t know if there are any, but i'd like to watch an audi rs7 vs a tesla.

  2. That Ctsv wasn't trying very hard. That statement is completely unrelated to comparison of the tesla, and a look at its time and trap speed. My fwd Mazda hatch ran faster times than that

  3. I've thinking about these cars and had this thought, Tesla could add a software update for drag racing. What's that you ask. The cameras for self drive could watch the tree and go on green. I'm sure how that would work under the rules but the car could cut a perfect light every time.

  4. I appreciate both forms of fun. Electric cars are just starting and the charging network is the biggest problem for them. ICE cars sound better and can be improved after purchase which is not really possible for Electric. ICE will continue for a while still and its fun to watch how both improve. But Tesla is fast but it does need luxury refinement inside its just boring inside. With the speed of today's cars 1/2 mile drag racing is becoming more popular. I am curious to see what the speed is there.

  5. Please do a P100D drag video with 5 passengers and some luggage. Love to see a 4 door sedan still pull a sub 3 second 0-60 while being fully loaded…something no supercar or 2 seater can even consider….


  7. im done with this dustin guy who comes off cool….then looks to argue over nothin…..smh….for you other tesla fans….hmmmm enjoy it for now…..that DEMON WILL DESTROY YOU….lol….hellcats have been in the 9s for the record…..tesla owners better think bout what's in the water before you swim deep….

  8. Im actually more shocked that the CTS-V Carbon only does a 12.2, granted it might be able to do a little better depending on driver and conditions. But damn I don't even ride a super sport but a measly 90hp Honda CBR650F and it runs a 11.8 @ 115. I honestly expected such a powerful high torque large displacement V8 in a fairly compact car to do better.

  9. This "Tesla IS THE BEST CAR EVER " speech has gotten quite old. Are they impressive automobiles? Absolutely. Are they a true track capable sports car? Hell no. I admire them for what they are and I would love to own one someday. Straight line performance is just one measure of a sports car. It is not ALL. It would not even be able to perform a full lap on the Nurburgring without the battery overheating. Many of you tesla fanboys don't even know what are the ingredients for a successful sports sedan. Cadillac is that nonetheless. Anyday of the week I would take the CTSV because it embodies all of those traits: Great engine, mesmerizing sounds, quick acceleration, great track handling, strong brakes, and a nicer interior.

    OAN "GM Junk" so you all call it, has been hurting a lot of feelings the last few years. The performance of its lineup can not be denied. Many of you hate them simply because they are american built cars. I get it, you all are mostly brand loyal idiots and not true car enthusiasts who give credit where it is due.

  10. You should offer General Motors to take this video down for a one-time payment of $5,000.00 – just a round figure. They have to hate this. 🙂
    I'd like to eventually see enough electric cars on the road to drive down oil prices to what they were in the mid '60s, you know .29 cents / gallon. Make Arab oil virtually worthless and maybe things will quiet down a little over there.

  11. That fox body guy at the end clearly had not weights in the trunk. You cannot plant that car without them. Wont be long now, Tesla v. Tesla, which frankly is how it should be done. Then it is YOUR turn to start losing or moving weight around.

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