29 thoughts on “Tesla Model S (2017) Crash Tests”

  1. there is a hidden message in this test …which is that if u use the 17 inch touchscreen while driving and racing on city streets in a p100d u might end up like that DUMMY…dummy…!!! $$

  2. I wouldn't want to be in any Tesla during an accident knowing of volatile the lithium batteries are – been several cases of the bloody things exploding during normal operation let alone a crash!

  3. my opnion…..
    on the small overlap crash test, the entire driver side window comes out without bursting into pieces…..no good
    side impact the entire vehicle nicks way to much to the opposite side, danger of roll over after impact……no good

  4. Эх ладу весту бы протестировать на таком краш тесте, но видимо авто ваз очкует, что кроме бампера заднего всё авто в гармошку будет и манекена потом не восстановить))

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