Team Fight Breakdown with Jatt: SSG vs ROX (2016 LCK Spring Week 9)

This week on Team Fight Breakdown we’re talking about how teams use double Teleports.

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Full SSG vs. ROX VOD:
Match details:
End Song: “Breaking it Down” by Dunmore


47 thoughts on “Team Fight Breakdown with Jatt: SSG vs ROX (2016 LCK Spring Week 9)”

  1. Although they were aware of Kuro's approach, Kuro still could have executed his Emporer's Divide much, much better. One Flash to the upperleft after sliding in and he could have ulted CuVee AND Ambition into his tower with very little wiggle room for them to escape. And though they would still be able to exit after that, it is always better to let the turret zap 'em a few times rather than none like what happened here. Or even quite possibly and to simply put, he could've ulted them away… And Graves, this is not the time to be side-stepping bro. You need to haul ass lmao. Running to safety > Lamb's Respite + 3 enemies on bashing you.

  2. This is honestly incredible production. The ability icons, the arrows, the zooming in and out, everything is very readable. The pauses keep perfect pacing with the explanation. Hope to see this kind of content weekly!

  3. Whoever is your video editor is awesome – magnificent editing and a very nice style overall. Also, great commentary Jatt. Really enjoyed this!

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