Tata Tamo Racemo | First Look | Autocar India

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Author : Autocar India
We take a look at the first car under the ‘TAMO’ sub-brand from Tata Motors unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show 2017. Hormazd Sorabjee, editor of Autocar India …


23 thoughts on “Tata Tamo Racemo | First Look | Autocar India”

  1. I dont know why people are surprised that we can make race cars.. we have bad ass rockets that go to mars just like that.. cars are easy for us..

  2. hoolllyyyy mooolllyyyy …….!!!!!!! i cant exprees my exicitment for this to hyped for a tata for once….@!!!!!! fisrt ever sports car frommm tata it will face some difficulties for first year but then it willl do much better than any other carrr…..!!!!

  3. Superb!! 3-4 years ago if someone told me this was a Tata, I would laugh my ass out! Even now I'm blown away! Tata motors has completely changed! The new logo looks sexy and very premium!! Fantastic job, Tata!

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