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Author : GuitarmageddonZL1
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27 thoughts on “TAKING DELIVERY Of The FIRST 2017 CAMARO ZL1 10 Speed!!!”

  1. What are the widest tires I can put on my C7 Stingray Convertable 2016 ? I have 18 front and 19 rear wheels. Can Mike or anyone else tell me if I can go wider especially in the rear.
    Thomas Massa

  2. everything was awsome about this video except your terrible speech, terrible build up from the garage, horrible music and all the strokes doing all that recording.

  3. Why do we keep looking at the side of your face? 14 minutes of talking. 30 seconds of car driving. I would have liked it the other way around. Having said that, nice car, I'm jealous. I had a built 2015 ZL1 running ~700hp and I loved it and had my heart set on the 2017 ZL1, but somehow I ended up test driving a 2017 C7 Grand Sport and fell in love. Totally different beast. Congrats bro — enjoy it.

  4. Nick how does it shift compared to your Gen5 ? You should use the paddles like I do on my Z06. Does it snap shifts as fast as DCT ? The A8 is nice but not as fast as a DCT. So curious if the A10 snaps shifts as fast espec with the US

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