Surface Pro (2017) Review

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35 thoughts on “Surface Pro (2017) Review”

  1. Why nobody comment on the screen? Just got mine and noticed it flickers on the first few hours of usage. Then after a while noticed the backlight bleed!!! A quick search online clearly indicates I'm not the only one, this is obviously a hardware issue!!!

  2. Worst laptop_surface pro 4:I am a student and uses surface pro 4. Just recently the screen of my laptop started flickering and now the screen is totally unusable. I need to connect to an external display to read texts without the flickering screen.
    It just started few months back, I did everything Microsoft tech guys asked including hard reset..still the problem persists…and i dont have a warranty anymore
    The customer service are now suggesting replacement- ohh yeah., its gonna cost 450Euros..
    Microsoft…u guys made the laptop without much R&D…please own your mistakes..thats what a good company do (if you dont remember).. hope that surface line up doesn't end up like surface phones
    Otherwise you will loose your customers…We are the ones giving reviews..( i have already reviewed many places the same way)…Remember-Samsung still has their name even though they pulled out their note 7.
    "In a survey of 90,000 tablet and laptop owners, Consumer Reports found that roughly 25 percent of Surface users have encountered “problems by the end of the second year of ownership.” Those problems include freezing, unexpected shutdowns, and touchscreen response issues."( courtesy THE VERGE)..
    Ohh yeah I would include screen flickering to this list..

  3. As a Surface Pro 4 owner, I can attest that the new Surface Pro IS worth the upgrade…I own both 😉
    The improved display, speakers, tilt pen functionality, and most importantly, improved battery life is everything I had hoped for.
    Sure, it's incremental, but all those improvements combined make for a nearly perfect device. Well done, Microsoft!

  4. Love my Surface Pro 2017 i7 – 16GB – 512GB – Cobalt Alcantara Typecover and a cobalt blue pen that should show up this week. So far, a much better experience over the very buggy Surface Pro 4 that I returned at launch.

  5. Definitely going to get the next one as this very run of the mill and hasn't changed anything noteworthy since the 4. For how little theyve changed, it's not work the money. If they make a matte finish etched glass screen like Wacom, they'll get way more artists buyin their tables.

  6. I really want to like the surface pro but not having usb c or at least having 2 usb a ports is a big disappointment. Nice video by the way and if you guys get time could you compare the surface pro 5 and the lenovo miix 700?

  7. I want to but new surface pro. I use laptop usually for office, net surfing, movies. But importantly I use it for DICOM imaging. I want to use it for medical 3d imaging and 3d printing. Do you think programmes like Mimics, in Vesalius and #D slicer, will work on Surface Pro i7/i5 with 8gb ram?

  8. As a Surface Pro 3 user for two years now, I don't get the "tricky to use on your lap" thing I see in many reviews. Here are the reasons the Surface is better on the lap than a regular laptop.

    1). It's more stable. The screen doesn't jiggle when you touch it. The Surface is so light, the kickstand is totally fine even on bare legs.

    2). The heat of the device is on the screen, not the keyboard against your legs (like a regular laptop).

    3). There are more ways to sit. The Surface is fantastic with your legs crossed — the kickstand fits comfortably over your crossed leg. So, for long work sessions, you can change sitting positions to stay comfortable.

    I use it maybe 50% of the time on my lap. The comfort using it this way is one reason I can't picture returning to traditional laptops. That's even more true when the pen and touch come into the picture.

  9. The keyboard is bullshit, if you need a laptop, buy a laptop, if you want a tablet, buy a tablet without keyboard.the surface is a tablet, there is no reason why it should have a keyboard, its just bullshit

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