Study Hacks! Get Better Grades 2015

I hope you all enjoyed! These are some study hacks that are my tricks for getting better grades because they help me learn better. If you want to learn more tips and organization ideas watch my other video!

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How old are you?
I am 14!

What camera and editor do you use?
I use the Canon Rebel t3i and edit with iMovie or Final CPX.

love you all to pluto and back, hailey


17 thoughts on “Study Hacks! Get Better Grades 2015”

  1. when you threw the book.. my heart stops.. hahahaha #bookloverhere hahaha nice video btw! but those tips can't be done in college.. huhu .. some of them maybe but not everything.. just don't have enough time.. and those foods! i'll end up eating those chocolates then become sleepy coz i'm full.. hahahaha

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