Strange Sounds Being Heard Worldwide 2016… (Shocking Footage)

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HEAR IT FOR YOURSELF! January 2016- Strange Sounds are Being Heard Across The World…What are these strange apocalyptic noises people have been hearing???? Please share this video!

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46 thoughts on “Strange Sounds Being Heard Worldwide 2016… (Shocking Footage)”

  1. I once heard one of these, it was a normal day, no clouds, the sun shining bright and I was in school walking with my friend outside to get to a football pitch but then suddenly heard a large boom, me and my friend were both scared and confused, and then followed by another boom and then a strange alien bomb roaring noise (of course it wasn't) and my friend and I are still very confused

  2. Oklahoma has been the site of fracking that will give away booms but the sounds that I have heard in earlier videos overseas these were like Gabriel trumpet being played even New York heard it but mainly in different Countries you can look them up on YouTube .
    I myself think it is the warning signs of things to COME these are the demons letting out there coming. By the trumpet being played all acrossed the world as I said earlier all we have is the Bible to go by and what Jesus said but we do not know by which of these things that are coming in what form they will be in it could be massive giant demons laugh hey I will laugh with you butt just think about it we do not know what Armageddon will be like we got no idea what will walk up on this Earth in the form of demons butt by my Bible and by my Lord we are not getting off easy if you think that we are just going to slide by I think it's not going to be anything bad coming we all are going to be mistaken sure I'm not saying that these sounds were hearing are made up someone playing a prank butt again the sounds that was heard on YouTube they were loud it really had people scared the window shop building shook I wish I could remember what it was or how it was listed on YouTube it wouldn't be hard to find it but when I heard a guy recording it in New York I was skeptical but it sounded like the same why our country doesn't hear it I don't know maybe we have so much hustle and bustle and going on that we can't even hear our own selves think nevertheless take time to hear the sounds it is sad that we have gotten this way remember time when I was a child I was involved in church a lot was saved baptized and grew up with God in my life I I would go to the woods and think and talk to the Lord and listen to him and what he has to say back he assured me that I would be okay I had lost my dad and didn't realize Arno what I was going to do but he assured me that he had me and nothing was going to harm me I always had food a place to sleep and when I look back at it now I wonder how I made it butt I know how I made it it's exactly the way the Lord told me it would be I never had to worry about money it was there when I went it was needed if I could say anything to anyone if I'm not going off subject it's to say go to the woods somewhere quiet nature speak to God listen to him truly open your mind close out your thoughts and listen to him it will come easier and easier to you to hear him the more you do it be kind to everybody you can even if they're mean to you even if you have to walk away and pray for them tell God they know not what they do that you pray for them and forgive them we are going to have to do what the Lord said Do no matter how harsh people are to you I know it's hard for us to go out and speak to people about Jesus now days but we have to start doing it and give as much of yourself to other people as you can give straighten old ones out with your family leave no regrets it's about getting your slate clean and white and working with the Lord of gathering as much and as many people you can you can't make him drink you can only lead them tell them about it but trust me when they refuse you in your face you've laid that seed in them their conscience is going to get to them at one point and they're going to remember that you will be surprised with the Lord can do from there and it started with you that is what the Lord was talking about planting seeds you don't have to have a calling of millions of people in a Coliseum to come before you and kneel down at the feet you just need to plant that seed inside of them that hopefully it will take one day when they need it they will remember you speaking about Jesus and they will turn to him it only takes a little bit trust me I had a TV repairman come by and we got to talking about God he was a young guy no one ever spoke to him about God that way that I was so I was in there no turning back I had to do what I had to do and I spoke to him and he got into church now I've lost touch with him now I don't know if he's still in church or not I only pray that he is but that's the part if you can't worry about you can't carry those kind of burdens upon you plant the seeds do the work that the Lord ask and when he calls you home he will see the work that you have done read the Bible eating everyday spend time with him take time with you and if you have kids let them join in their little minds are just absorbing everything to be surprised how much their little minds are warning the nourishment of Jesus and what better subject to talk about then the father it wasn't long ago when they were born that Jesus had them in his hands blue the breath into the lungs into them he knew them as he does you and all of us will God bless you I know I have spoken to a lot of words here sorry there are no periods no exclamation points but when you speak into this it doesn't put those things down I hope I don't get too many rips on all this so take care may the Lord be with you all and take away all the pain that you have and when you take a deep breath you look up in the sky and you take in the breath of Heaven and you feel the lord inside of you and the Holy Spirit the more you take in the more you will feel the confident that you will be in talking about the Lord Jesus Christ take care sorry this was so long I get in a rant sometimes you talk too much

  3. This is interesting. . .when I was a little child I had an experience in which I was awakened to the sound of clanging metal. I followed the sound , and it was coming from the clouds. The next morning , there was a vehicle parked at the house next door and there were people carry an old man out on a stretcher. I personally believe that this sound was made by his spirit assending up into the clouds. . that his physical body had died in his sleep, and his spirit had been freed from the chains of the world of the living.

  4. if it were god it even says it in revelations. all shall here when they trumpets sound. everyone will here the sound. but still this is very interesting

  5. "… The workmanship of thy tabrets and thy pipes was prepared in thee in the day that thou was created" is this not that ancient dragon?
    Behold, the days have come saith Yahawah that no man shall buy or sell lest he have the mark of the beast in his hand or in his forehead. Food sovereignty must be on your mind. Watch and learn how to fast and deal with suffering. A Vegetarian diet will benefit you much. Beans have protein good beans organic. Stock up and do not say that the destruction will not come like the foolish of old.

  6. Wake up folks,we all know the sounds are imminating from the hadron Collider in Cern Switzerland. Electromagnetic pulse! If not,then it is prophetic and from the Lord warning of the time being near to the END!

  7. I live in Texas and around mid January my entire street heard a very loud explosion never thought anything else about it just seen this video it's now may kinda crazy. The news in Oklahoma HD12 is my local news I live in a small to on Texas Oklahoma border that is wild lol.

  8. gouys don't worry I'm just pooping I'm a big giant tho so if u see lots of fish, yeah I shet those out btw WHERE THE FUCKIN BLOW AT DUDEEE

  9. Tunnel Boring Machines make that trumpet noise. Seems my comments are only visible when I am signed in…so I guess I got the answer right but no one can see it

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