18 thoughts on “Stop Yulin eating Dog Festival 2015”

  1. the chines is fucked up I am in America and watch my dog all the time now and who ever said cows are not like dogs is soooooo right dogs lives with u in your life all the time a cow is a cow dogs is like a family members to anyone hope they DONT take my dog I won't even eat their food no more

  2. Food culture itself shoud be reserved.But Koreans purposefully torture dogs before they eat them.So Koreans torture dogs because Koreans blindly believe that torturing dogs makes them good for human health based on stupid myth.

  3. I don't disagree with eating dog, as I eat pigs, cows, and chickens and they are all cool animals and sometimes make amazing pets, but the way the dogs were treated in this video is cruel. Very cruel. The poor dogs were stuffed tightly in small enclosures. Same with poor chickens, cows, and pigs in farms too. This crowding of farm animals needs to stops. We should respect our food. For those who are religious, God wants us to respect his creations. We should respect the meal and life our animals have given us.

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