Steve Cioccolanti April 13 2017 – My DREAM of HILLARY Clinton – Prophecy Update

Steve Cioccolanti April 13 2017 – My DREAM of HILLARY Clinton – Prophecy Update #SteveCioccolanti2017 #SermonsSteveCioccolanti …

by Roderick V. Kirkwood

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21 thoughts on “Steve Cioccolanti April 13 2017 – My DREAM of HILLARY Clinton – Prophecy Update”

  1. It seems to make sense now. I had a dream where Hillary Clinton her husband some other people and I were like having dinner on this huge table and I was just besides then. I remember Hillary looking at me with a mean look and told her husband "she knows what's going on" I got scared because I didn't know what they were talking about but now I understand the meaning of that dream.

  2. Just think of the millions killed by roman catholics, millions killed by europeans, millions killed by germans, millions killed by russia sovietico, millions killed by usa capitalists………. its absolutely the face of tribulation for terrestrials………….. horrible…..

  3. I wonder how much longer we will be able to listen to the prophets on YouTube. The news media is so angry. Hollywood is pure evil. I don't care what they think. Why do they as actors think they hold a world position to control us. Satan has many people fighting against God and the Lord Jesus Christ.

  4. I realize this video is pre-election — and I feel you were spot on…. except for one thing. TM is not demonic, in fact Jesus (the man) was a meditation practitioner. Did He not say 'the Kingdom is within'? Meditation was what He was alluding to. TM introduced to the USA in the 60's-70's from the East was not an invasion, it was a Blessing given many people (who choose it) in raising their awareness, without which, by NOW we would probably have gone over a cliff already. TM is not a religion – it is a peaceful 'practice' that can help one realize God is within you, NOT outside of you in a building or a book or certain geographical location, or whatever. This awareness contributed by aiding many Americans in waking up in-the-nick-of-time to defeat Hillary and the neocon agenda. Let's all BE in gratitude and go forward, loving one another and Creating what we want. Hillary and her crew have not given up – Pray! AND Meditate. Peace!

  5. Be not deceived nor deceive.
    Daniel " He will not regard the God of his fathers nor any god, but in his own estate(privately) worship a strange god, a god of forces" revealed as the Hindu monkey warrior god" which images, people like Obama love to carry with them, even in their hearts, to the belief "man evolved from the monkeys " EVOLUTTION to Worship, reveals that ole holy cow figured out of a strange fire by a mixed multitude out of Egypt, but Egypt not out of them, the Lie out of a delusion, to the Prophecy " cause they have not the love of the truth in them, God sends a strong delusion that they may believe the Lie"(their own).
    Know a person by what he believes in the spirit , not what he utters, can be receiving as is the case with Obama.

  6. Once you discover that someone has lied to you for your vote and duped you it is the best time for you to see yourself clearly. What caused you to be duped? What caused evil leaders, like Hillary, to know what to say and how to present themselves to you to get you to make such an error. If you can see your self as they see you then you can learn what you have to change in yourself. So, be brave and see them clearly. Then see yourself. To vote for a woman with her obvious history and put her into the white house on your behalf was truly the greatest chance you have to face truth and develop yourself.
    my youtube: The Art of Men Acting.

  7. I am an African American and the Holy Spirit told me when I happen to have the TV on and the first time seeing Barack Obama 2013 as a considered candidate for president said He will be President. The bible said; "do not judge, until the Jesus come back for His church" and we will know all. If you are a man of God you are out of faith character according to the word.

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