Stephen Chow – The Mermaid (2016) Behind The Scene #9

☞ Collection behind the scenes Hong Kong Film:
Famous for cult films of Hong Kong cinema’s most like Shaolin Soccer, Great Peak Skill, New Journey to the West …, Asian comedy king Stephen Chow this time spent 3 years of labor to disparage grinding, dedicated to the Sirens could debut on New Year calmly.
So far, the information on the film has been kept secret, but it has enough intriguing love story in the film between the mermaid and a man in distress at sea, while shaping mermaid revealed the teaser trailer revealed in just funny, just shocking, true nature Chow.
“The Mermaid” was found in the bath hardly be called “she” that the body of a paunchy man, ugly, edge with mustaches. But it can not know if this is true Fishman American or not, because of her role in this film is so beloved woman undertook 9x Doan Lam.
She passed over 100,000 candidates to be actress for this film. The two stars of the silver screen illustrious Chinese Super Deng and Luo also starred in the film.
The title song of the movie by Stephen Chow and Karen Mok show. The reunion after 18 years of double-stars, as well as older people love the fans extremely excited.


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