State of Alert Israel style – (vpro backlight documentary – 2017)

‘When it comes to security, Europe is still in a state of denial’ – (Michal Marmary, Homeland Security Tel Aviv) Recent suicide attacks in Paris, Brussels, Nice and Berlin have greatly…

by vpro documentary

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27 thoughts on “State of Alert Israel style – (vpro backlight documentary – 2017)”

  1. Obama and EU could have stopped the ISIS advancements much earlier. Now EU is forced to take in the Muslim Refuge, also 500,000 orthodox Syrian christian''s were displaced because of ISIS.

  2. The US should look into the transfer of 18 wheeler loads. They say a good bit of drugs and human trafficking enters the US by 18wheelers. If you can remember it wasn't that long ago when that POS let all those people die in the back of his truck.

  3. Let’s put our video on an English-speaking platform, our title and description in English then interview people who don’t speak English………Your producer sucks.

  4. Who wud of thought 9/11 plus year inn year out of terrorism cud be the 97% economy for the state of Israel.. Big business ayy how can I invest?or do I wait inline for the Antichrist arrival..!!?

  5. Thanks God we have in E.U smart people who don't trap in the warmongering of the Israel Military Intustery,who just whant to grow futuder now there inland market is outgrown.
    Israel is stuk with all there secutity equipment of billinon's of dollars. And now wanthed it get silverd.
    Israel stop with exporting tterror pleace!.
    With love from Europe to Israel!.

  6. Can you imagine waking up in that shithole ? Only Japan could be worse , but ill take it ! These people are looking for ways to make a safe europe and their looking for it in the place thats ruining europe..

  7. thanks for the glimpse of what is like living in Israel the center of PTS. when you suspect every and any one how about short joyfull life. in return sucrify of some of those shity ideolgy. because what I just sow is just 1 big ass prison. as i watched the Doc I was checking the background and the ppl interviewed NO smile at all and faces full of stress and caution just lik death row inmate.

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