STAR WARS 8: The Last Jedi Trailer (2017)

Official “Star Wars: Episode 8 – The Last Jedi” Movie Trailer 2017 | Subscribe ➤ | Daisy Ridley Movie #Trailer | Release: 15 Dec 2017 | More …

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44 thoughts on “STAR WARS 8: The Last Jedi Trailer (2017)”

  1. How is it not obvious that benecio dep toro is the one who said its time for the jedi to end and not luke? Sounds like a very standard bad guy line right before a fight. All they did was show a scene with luke standing there with del toros voice dubbed over.

  2. Obviously if Luke doesn't want there to be Jedi anymore, then the title of 'The Last Jedi' will go to Rey. I think in this move Leia will die and in Episode IX Snoke will kill Luke.

  3. I have a BAD feeling about this.  I know only one TRUTH…ITS time for Star Wars movies to END.  The Last Star Wars movie…or it should be.  It going to go south very quickly and badly with this film.  I can see it.  I can feel it.  The Force tells me so.

  4. Another shit star wars movie just like the last pile of confusing garbage. Nobody cares about shite wars anymore the last one sucked this one will be the same pointless crap and so will anymore.

  5. Ive been hearing theories that are so farfetched about this movie and the title….. its pretty obvious whats going to happen. People have these ridiculous theories and bullcrap ideas. But there are two scenarios. Luke is the last jedi and trains rey to balance the force with the dark and the light side. Which was stated already exists in Rebels!… nothing too fancy but exciting for the story. These starwars channels dig wayyyy too deep with their theories. And connect irellevant subjects..smh

  6. "The Jedi must end". No matter how you look at this – it's true, the whole star wars was about the never ending battle between light and darkness, the struggle between jedi and sith…but sith are gone (in this trilogy, in EU everything is cool :D), so the jedi are useless. This first order is a parody, just a military conflict which uses soldiers and not the Force. This trilogy is truly disappointing, imho.

  7. Eh. Unimpressed. I did NOT go see ROGUE ONE just because this franchise has been so utterly disappointing. I mean, serious, ADAM DRIVER as Vader's grandson? Really? I can't take him seriously. He will always be the guy f**king that fat load Hanna in Girls. What a disappointment in casting. But I noticed ROGUE ONE was out on Netflix, and hey, it was actually pretty good. I think I'm ready to pass on the forward story and will just hope HAN SOLO will be interesting.

  8. by the way if you think your gonna get a good new Star Wars movie you are out of your mind america is to concerned about girl power right now and let's face it the majority of girls hate Star Wars they go out of their way to make fun of you and let's face it they can't even keep up with the Star Wars story lines that why they wanted to change them so they could try to understand what they was watching and I seriously doubt that they was gonna read any of the Star Wars novel's it's to quote unquote boring so it shows that you little boys have no nuts and keep letting this girl power movement keep fucking you in the ass and do nothing about it and you dumb asses don't know why Mark is so pissed off yeah you guys are a whole new kind of special stupid

  9. is it me or dose it look like Ren is getting fucked in the ass the expression on her face is hilarious it's not intimidating at all she looks like a joke like she is upset that she got ass slammed and had no say so about it maybe that's why she so mad at kyloe or what ever his little bitch name is ain't the real Star Wars story so don't really matter muchthese new Star Wars movies are like bad bad porn movies Star Whores get it because they got a bunch of whores playing in Star roles so it's called Star Whores

  10. theyre gonna go to a hoth like planet rey wil sleep inside a taun taun or hopefull finns dead guts, then a tractor beam will pull them into the 3rd deathstar, fight with palpatine cuts off reys hand, luke dies of old age etc, pilot gets frozen

  11. dragonhatcher12 i agree finns really just there to fill a black guy needed quotient hes painfully unfunny and an assault to the eyes. If he is mace windus son samuel l jackson should of looked for a better bird

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