37 thoughts on “Splatoon 2 – Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 Trailer”

  1. That ink storm cloud seems pretty amazing!! (and useful hehe). Besides, I think that may be it is not a bad idea to keep on playing splatoon 1 with the free online instead of playing this second edition which is not that different from the former one except, of course, from the paid online.

  2. Nintendo didn't called the sequel of Splatoon, Splatwoon because Nintendo doesn't want us to be confused with the name. So, they had to add a 2 after Splatoon to make sure people know that it is a sequel.

  3. When I get the Switch somewhere around 2017, I'll have Splatoon 2 as my first game. I played the original Splatoon and it was amazing despite the rage. I know that I might rage more in Splatoon 2, but it's still a very fun game and probably going to play hundreds of hours of it like Overwatch.

  4. Hi Nintendo first of all ar their new modes, second of all what r those specials third of all y do rollers shoot vertically fourth of all whts the difference their r no new modes only one new weapon n a few new maps n specials fifth of all why is their no new mario kart eight and last but not least the switch is nothing with out smash bros instead we have street fighter. I mean ive been waiting for years for this

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