Spartan Football 2016 – Back2Back Hype Video

The 2016 College Football season is almost here…Spartans, enjoy this video in preparation for the upcoming season!
This video is intended for entertainment purposes only. All video footage is property of MSU Athletics, the Big Ten Conference Inc., the Big Ten Network, ESPN, ABC Sports, and Fox Sports. Audio footage is property of SPM Music Group, LLC.

Music Track: Colossal Trailer Music – Dematerial


25 thoughts on “Spartan Football 2016 – Back2Back Hype Video”

  1. This is OUTSTANDING qzik7777!!! I've watched it at least 10 times and it gives me goose bumps every time. Tremendous work! If this doesn't get you pumped up nothing will.

  2. First full year at MSU, never gone to a college football game, have season tickets. I am beyond ampped to be playing Michigan and Ohio State at home this year.

  3. They are on a downward trend over the last couple of years. MSI peaked when they "barely" beat Baylor. Last year they couldn't even put up a late field goal against 'Bama. They got lucky against TTUN (Who should be B1G Title Favorites this year, alone), They probably "should've lost" against Rutgers and Purdue… Purdue! One of the worst in the B1G! Final:24-21 against Purdue (Go look at their W-L and the scores. Terrible.). They barely squeaked by both OSU (Late Field Goal) and Iowa. Anyone of consequence graduated/left. Why should they be favorites? OSU only has a chance (slim) because we have a talented dual threat QB with experience under his belt, but both Oklahoma and TTUN will be tough.

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