Sony’s 2016 CES press conference in under 6 minutes

Everything you missed from Sony’s CES press conference.


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27 thoughts on “Sony’s 2016 CES press conference in under 6 minutes”

  1. when you are the " client" or " consumer" or anything like that, you are just another object in the line of production. They handle you with an script, or code to manipulate your emotions or anything human inside you, to make You an industrial lifeless inanimate number in the system. It doesn't depend on the name or brand or serial number of the product, you will become one. Just wait for the next trade fair and you will be offered there to auctioneer that offer the most.

  2. Admit it SONY. You keep dreaming? up these worthless gimmicks and you want WAY TOO MUCH moolah for them. Each product update sacrifices more and more useful functionality for kiddie candy. Yet you want more and more….for less and less. Not buying it here. Almost any consumer comes out better off buying your cheapies than spending mega bucks on your imagined BETTER products. Want to maintain your lavish position, step down a level or two and EARN that first. I don't mean limit the benefits of your products even more. I mean restrain yourself from deceiving people. You want good price GIVE US SOMETHING WORTH IT!!

  3. Sony is slowly coming back on track after one and half decade of lost direction. Never thought it would be the lines of digital cameras and consoles lifting the company. I still value bravia series but don't really care about their home theatre systems. Customer service sucks though.

  4. I am NEVER buying a sony product again. I bought a laptop and a Smart TV and the software and hardware have the most poor quality I've seen for products in their area, sure they look good….BUT perform poorly. I bought them because I thought sony was known for great quality, but now I know it has overpriced products that other companies with less "name" make much better.

  5. Kaz looks so thin these days. Is he sick or maybe depressed?
    And also I forgot to say that most of these techs are boring. Sony is slowly losing it's edge in innovation and compaetition compared to Samsung, LG, Dell and even Apple. It is really depressing to see, the only product that keeps them on track these days is the Playstation brand.

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