20 thoughts on “Some REALLY WEIRD Things About Hillary Clinton (2015)”

  1. Believe it or not, if Hilary Clinton become the president of USA, she will text and send the classified email thru her private cell phone. Secondly, how come the "FAILURE Secretary of State" could become the Successful president of USA? By trying to get help from her husband, who is the former president of USA, Bill Clinton?

  2. I haven't watched this yet, but it totally pisses me off when her campaign ads are on t.v., and the attempts to humanize that old hag. I'm a Democrat, and I can't believe people are actually supporting the old bitch. My God, anyone is better than her.

  3. I'm new to all of this illuminati stuff so I still have some trepidation as to what this all means. I'm a Christian so I do believe that there is a NWO that is trying to destroy us. Satan is, as the bible tells me, lord of this world so a lot of this stuff makes sense to me. It's just that I want to be careful not to fall into a bunch of conspiracy theory stuff. Having said that, I must say my eyes have been opened to things I never noticed before.

  4. Hitlery is a filthy, treasonous, mass murdering, smelly rotten cunt. That is on her good days.


  5. The cubist rendering at the start and end of this vid reminds me of the Queen of England, especially if you look right at the eyes and nose. Funny; they both do the 'reptile thing' with one or both pupils, too.
    See you at the Fun Camp, kids—or not.

  6. I heard recently that "Ra-ka-fala" means 'Priest of Ra' in the Pharonic language ('Rockefeller), and that "Ra-shile" (Rothschild) means 'Sword of Ra'. This according to Sean Hross, who's spent decades tracking the Pharonic (Templar) dynasty and fortunes to Switzerland. I'm sure the 'Red Shield' family still chuckles at their having a handy German phonic/meaning for their family's age-old name/title….

  7. why do peaople want to vote for her? probaly the hype "first woman president ooooohhhhoho" just look at her she has a evil looking gaze. the same evil gaze that the rothschilds and rockerfellers have.

  8. great work once again however it was in the full myth it was Prometheus who created mankind and gave them fire the then zuse took it back so Prometheus stole a cole and hence the theft .the Greek cannot be associated with Christianity also the spider is in deep occult is a reference to the mother goddess of arachnophia the goddess who weaves the web of time and she is one of the triple goddess also in the picture the two hands the one holding the lamp repellents the herophant bringing out the illumination of spirit to the neophyte on the bottom is the hand holding the sword a representative of the element air associated to the son look at the tarot card the ace of swords the meanings will be most interesting also the bull is the trudishnel symbol of Moloch as well as the Greek shor the grate bull in the sky witch was slain by with temat a symbol of the milky way pleas dont minde the spelling i have disexlica have never had glasses so i tend to spell phonetickly witch messes with the spell check i am however a convertid kablist if the 9th level magus it is rair that i post also the eye at the top if with a red flame is repsenative of the lamp in the southern wall of the tempil of malkus the innation from the outer world into the outter court of the tempil i think in this scheem it repsents indoctrnation or death

  9. Notice also on the mural the person slain on the floor with the broken sword and cross-like wound on the right arm, Jesus came to bring a sword, not peace and the bible is often thought to be that sword of truth. Notice how the sword is broken and then to its left is a cross in a flesh wound..

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