So Much Winning for Democrats on Election Day 2017: The Daily Show

One year after Donald Trump wins the presidency, Democrats sweep state and local elections. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show for free: …

by The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

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49 thoughts on “So Much Winning for Democrats on Election Day 2017: The Daily Show”

  1. You guys finally understand karma. Some people don't like it because they think it's this mystical thing and don't like it because they think it is insulting to people who have misfortune, but actually, it's kind of scientific. To every action there is an equal an opposite reaction (that does not necessarily happen right away).

    If you're yelling at someone while walking the street, that is karma if you hit the lamppost. Karma is taking responsibility for your actions and the things that happen to you because of it. If you don't yell at people while walking down the street and instead walk calmly, then you won't hit the lamppost, and if you do hit it because you trip that can be coincidence.

    Some people don't understand karma and give it a bad name, which is why it's good to see it being used in a correct context.

  2. for who proud being a democrat, i advise you to look at yourself from outside world, especially third world; look at what your beloved politicians like obama with hilary did to those countries as if there is a remarkable difference between trump supporters or obama lovers for them

  3. Democrats getting their grove back from the evil Republicans. I already knew trump was going to drag the Republican party to the point were no one will want to vote them.

  4. The Denocrats won a few things, but they will continue to lose because they are isolating voters. Democrats are all about supporting transgender people, illegal immigrants, and refugees. What about everyday Americans? Until they get a clue, moderates like myself will continue to look for a solution. Republicans are obsessed with forcing their religion on everyone and bannung abortion. There is not a good choice anymore.

  5. The Democrats were able to win state and local elections because the INDEPENDENT voters came out behind their rocks and voted Democrat. Democrats, like Republicans, only control 35% of the American voters. the Other 30% of American voters are INDEPENDENT and, unlike Democrats and Republicans, they DO NOT vote in party lines… they vote outside party lines and they vote on how they feel. Right now, Independent voters Dislike Trump… in 2016, they Dislike (hate) Hillary Clinton. Who even caters to the Independent voters in this Country… will win elections. Right now, Independents are going with the Democrats.

  6. I love how they’re trying to make it out as if Democrats won everywhere across the country while the reality was they only won in the four examples they mentioned plus the NJ governor race where there was no way Guadagno would win after Bridgegate. And as for Virginia, a Democrat won for governor where there was already a democratic governor. BIG FUCKING DEAL. Once again, the Daily Shows writers show what retards they are and Trevor just shows what a mindless puppet he is, spewing whatever bs leftist rhetoric he can.

  7. FORGET TAX CUTS, we have enough!!! Concentrate on TAX REFORM!!! It is EASY!! Just follow the law: Gross income should be considered to be the total income from all sources (dividends, stock market trading, selling property and goods or services, salaries, wages, etc.) as provided by the Revenue Act of 1913 [Pub Law No 16, § 22(a)] and confirmed by AMENDMENT XVI of the Constitution for the United States of America (look it up!). NO MORE SPECIAL EXEMPTIONS for any reason. No more corporations that pay no taxes on billions in profit, NO MORE LOOPHOLES! **** To arrive at an Adjusted Gross Income (AGI), only the following items should be deductible: inheritances of $5 million or less, interest on the mortgage of a primary residence, medical expenses (including insurance premiums), education expenses for children up to age 25 and $2,500.00 annual deduction per child under 18 years. Businesses can also deduct for raw materials, cost of goods to be sold, payroll and health care related costs. Taxes could start at one percent on AGI(s) above $15,000 (singles) and $20,000 (businesses and families) respectively and could increase at a sliding scale until a rate of 25 percent has been reached for an AGI of $250,000 or more. (Yep, that's a TOP RATE of just 25%!!! – remember it is on EVERYTHING, no more loopholes!!!). Individual states can devise a similar plan for state taxes. Tax reform done! BUT NOT EVER IF YOU ONLY WANT TO CUT TAXES FOR THE RICH!!!

  8. Don't you guys hate it when you are playing The Sims, you tell your sim to go somewhere and they take the long route because they can't walk passed a couch that is a 2 feet from the wall?

  9. OK wait just that i understand. Those little fireworks are ilegall but people can buy assault rifles and sniper rifles with more than 1.5 km precision. OOhh americans what is just wrong with you.

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