Snow White´s NEW Scary Adventures Ride 2017 * Walt Disney World POV On-Ride * Disney Parks U.S.A

Disneyland was founded as a single park by Walt Disney and opened on July 17, 1955, in Anaheim, California. Disneyland Hotel opened to the public on …

by The World of Disney Hansen

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36 thoughts on “Snow White´s NEW Scary Adventures Ride 2017 * Walt Disney World POV On-Ride * Disney Parks U.S.A”

  1. The Orlando version of this ride (the one featured in this video) been closed since 2012. There's nothing "new" about this footage whatsoever! Yet another textbook example of YouTube Click Bait…

  2. They closed it down because it was too scary for little kids. I remember when I rode this ride at four years old and I was freaked out. Hearing snow white score in terror isn't the best thing to hear when she is your favorite princess and you don't understand because you are four

  3. There was a certain charm to the original version of this ride, which I was on my times. It was always a favorite. Somehow, this remade one just wasn't as good as I recall the original being… but, maybe that's why it closed down. It might not have been as popular anymore. But, I'm sure Disney is hard at work on something new for us all.

  4. This isn't there anymore? Awe!! Sometimes the classics are just that… The classics… I was extremely sad to see Universal lose a lot of their classics (Jaws mainly) not because they were overly good but just because they were part of the park ( the classic) familiar..

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