“Silver to Triple in 2016, Gold Double” – Will Bo be Right Again? – Bo Polny Feb 24 Interview

Gold Could go Vertical Soon, How to Profit Like an Insider:

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1:30 Bo’s Correct Forecasts so Far
6:20 Price of Gold to Double in 2016
7:40 Why Will the Market Crash & the US Dollar DYing
10:20 New Gold Highs will Happen Quickly, End of Feb breakpoint – Price Manipulation to End, $1,400 Gold Target
15:00 Silver Could Lead New Rally, Silver reach top first, $100+ This Year!
17:40 Federal Reserve Can’t Fix or Change Trajectory
19:40 War on Cash & Gold/Silver

GUEST: http://Gold2020Forecast.com

2015-12-23 Interview with Bo:

Massive Crash Coming, All World Markets Confirming it – Bo Polny Interview Update

The Shemitah Crash that Wasn’t, It Will Happen SOON! – Bo Polny Interview Update

2015-09-09 Interview with Bo: http://www.crushthestreet.com/videos/live-interviews/coming-crash-worse-1929-gold-2020-forecasts-bo-polny


20 thoughts on ““Silver to Triple in 2016, Gold Double” – Will Bo be Right Again? – Bo Polny Feb 24 Interview”

  1. He has a number of successful forecasts…. He's also had some absolute fairy tales… Look back at his earlier 'forecasts' in late 2014…. "A stopped clock" comes to mind…

  2. This is a continuation…..So as I was saying what POLNY is saying about gold and silver shooting up first, then the markets crash later on. Why? Well here the scenario GOLD & SILVER start to skyrockets people start buying bla blah blah. Then it peaks or artificially peaks. Time to cash in the price is so good that you cash in, you even cash in some of the gold and silver laying around the house, now they have gold and you have MONEY!!!! And then it happens the markets Crash and all that money is worth crap and gold and silver continue to rally. Now ur ten times as broke and that gold is worth so much more. So the right thing to do is change your silver for gold before it skyrockets, when the silver to gold ratio shrinks trade your silver for gold, after the collapse wait for the new currency to change your gold, Now that new currency can fail immediately so be careful… Thank you.

  3. I'm on Polnys side, and this is the reason. The Same groups of Royal world elite families dating back to Egyptian time, are still ruling the world. Call them global elite, illuminati, Super Powers that be,whatever. They write Agendas for the next few hundred century's, and every new generation of the elite family continues to fulfill these agendas. These agendas are Astro-biblical hybrid agendas with incredible math incorporated to it. The average person thinks the Bible predicts all these things that happen. NO they don't predict, it is the agenda. These elites work all day to make sure these agendas play out. I mean they have all the money to make up a crisis and so on. This is what QE4 is. It basically is a stalling tactic so the markets can crash on the date stated on the agenda. The timing has to be good because it's mathematically designed for them to win.

  4. Hello – love hearing from Bo.  I have found a channel on you tube you might find interesting.  Its Joni Patry, she is a psychic.  She talks of 2 solar eclipses. The first is March 8/9 and sees the economy in trouble.  The second eclipse is Sept. 1/2 the economy far worse than the first eclipse.

  5. Hi Bo, I really hope that you are right, I know you are right but its the timing, my family bought in big time about 5 years ago and spent the last 4 years in the red as Gold slipped from 48 to 11, I believe that the next move we will see 100% at least 3 years in a row, the thing is if Gold moves up, I really do hope that Silver catches up, with the Rubber band effect and the pile on of debt- it would be nice to see silver in the $500-700 mark but at these kind of prices its hard to fathom that happening at the moment

  6. thank you for including the question regarding the impact of a monitored cashless society on real money — gold and silver. However, I'm still not sure what will happen if they ban the use of any non-digital currency AND money – gold and silver. I know you have asked this question of several guests, but it doesn't seem that anyone has answered your question. This guest came as close as I've seen anyone say that at some future date we may be forced to convert our precious metals to digital money. Again, thank you for all you do to educate and inform.

  7. Dan, I'm a huge fan of yours, but Bo has been saying the same thing every year. I like hearing from cycles guys, but Bo is wacky. Have you ever reached out to Tim Wood? Jim Goddard has him on talk digital network occasionally, and he's a much more credible cycles guy than Bo.

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