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End time events
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45 thoughts on “SIGNS OF THE END PART 161 – LATEST EVENTS APRIL 2016”

  1. At 6:58… "Were these people prepared…?" What kind of question is that? And from a newscaster on the Weather Channel, even! How can you "prepare" for a giant hail storm? Haha, I noticed how, when he heard the question, the poor guy blathered on a bit but didn't mention anything about how people prepared. I don't know if folks in North Texas reinforce their roof any differently from any other area, but other than something like that – unless I'm just the world's most ignorant homeowner (not entirely out of the question lol) – there's not a whole lot you can do to "prepare" for hail like that. You've just gotta get good insurance.

    You can try to get all the family's cars into the garage or under some cover, but that's not always possible. You can bring all your patio furniture and other breakable things inside, sure. But it's not like people keep extra boards around to cover their roof, or scramble to board up all their windows before every big storm because it could come with some hail. I mean, you're not even always guaranteed rain when the weatherman predicts a huge storm here; that's part of the whole "Texas weather" joke! Boarding up windows, covering or reinforcing the roof, even dragging in all your outdoor furniture, stuff like that would just be wasted effort half the time, lol.

    Haha, did she mean are people, like, emotionally prepared? For hail that size? No chance. Did people know or suspect hail was coming? Yeah. But again, that size? Nope! Little tiny (mostly) harmless hail, sure, all spring and summer! But for those tennis ball and softball sized missiles from the sky smashing through your windows and into your house? Can you be "ready" for that, other than by having insurance? I just don't think so, emotionally or otherwise!

    LOL sorry… I went off a bit there! I'm not really sure why, I was just taken aback by how crazy that question sounded to me. Maybe it's because I'm from North Texas and actually deal with hail? I dunno.

  2. why pagan gods in india don t save them from drought?
    I think I know the reason..:)
    they have turned their back from Lord God and Jesus Saviour
    and now there is Lord God wrath on their back

  3. Good day, Angel, it's me again abt yr intro ; again I think it's not a good idea to mix fiction (Images of the movie San Andreas) and reality. Think of the newcomers who wouldn't understand and go away. Think of us faithful followers who have to skip the intro each time because its extremely disturbing. You don't need those fictitious images even if they are portentous. The images of the real disasters speak by themselves. I've said …

  4. WARNING! The Temple of Baal gates planned for NYC has NOT been cancelled! There's a video on here about it titled; "Temple of Baal Gates NOT Cancelled". Sorry I don't recall the poster's channel name but please check it out. He has many details. Again, NOT CANCELLED!!!

  5. The politics of the USA took a big jump to evil when Bush got in office, the USA threatened Japan with HAARP, if Japan did not go along with something political. This is current affairs, totally believable these quakes are man-made.

  6. Stupid people will believe anything they see on inweds do some real research this just your everyday earthquakes around world and weather just changeing because of heat age/ice age that something something minion years now ww3 is unlikely but i put that on 15% and last of all u believe demons gonna take over world now if demons are alien race that very high teh but some how i Don't think attack this world and if they do attack i hope we at lest put up a good fight and stop with end of world because it not even WW3 happen or megar earthquake happen we humans will get though it and 100 years on we pass story to our children and our children children will so on

  7. King James Bible 1611 Matthew 24:36 but ok that day and hour knoweth no man not the angels of heaven but my Father only. Mark13:32 but that day and hour knoweth no man not the angels which are in heaven neither the Son but the Father. Trust me you better be saved! Read. John 3:15-18. 10:9.
    Matthew 18:11
    Mark 16:16
    James 1:21
    If you believe Jesus is God's Son born of the virgin Mary . died on the cross for your sins, was dead and his body laid in a sepulchre. third day Jesus arose as he said he would.
    Read John 18 – 21.friend now is the time to confess to Jesus that you believe in him with all your heart mind and soul ,you confess you are a sinner asked for forgiveness and come into your (my)heart. and he will . find a Bible believing King James Bible Church 1611get baptized let them know you want to be sure you are saved! that you did ask Jesus into yor heart. when God comes back its with Warth!!! Rear Book Rev. last book of the Bible. Get Saved!!!!!

  8. 37 But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. 38 For
    as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and
    drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe
    entered into the ark, 39 And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

    These comments show the ones who are eating, drinking and being merry, not realizing judgement is at hand. I am "on the ark" so to speak, as I know Christ is my redeemer. I truly pity the scoffers, as the scoffers in the days of Noah ALL drowned.

  9. in the end times there will be a man called (al Mahdi)
    he will be the new savior of humanity, he will be the savior of muslims all over the world..believe in al Mahdi
    and pray for god to save us…

  10. signs of the end ? lol because rain is a sign of the end because a bird died is a sign of the end because most of the events that u call sigins of the end happens all the times all the years decades u guys are weirdos mental ill jet a job do something stop looking for something never gona happen

  11. It kind of reminds me of that movie 2012 only the events are happening at a slower pace and not all at once like in the movie. I live in FL and I am kind of worried about what we are in for for this hurricane season.

  12. ps 46:3 Aramaic Bible in Plain English
    Their waters shall be troubled and return and the mountains will be moved by his strength………………….LIFE

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