39 thoughts on “Should I buy iPhone 5S in 2017?”

  1. So happy I found this!!
    was trying to find a phone for my little brothers birthday, found this one but wasn't too sure if I should buy it or not.
    Other reviews of this phone aren't as detailed and thorough, super grateful! Thank you!

  2. dude i just scrolling your video coment just now. seeing some ppl had issue on overheat on their iphone , and others maybe not . so this thing quite bothering actually . so any though or word to say about this issue guys? and yeah . bettery life . heard it before that it drain cant stand for one whole day if we keep using wifi, data , the apps and sort other thing . so any ?

  3. Down wote because it's pretty obvious that the video is oriented towards me-first- touch my phone all day horndogs. You haven't said that selfie camera is useless, that the battery life is 3 days if you use it LIKE A NORMAL person, not for surfing and other nonsense, but to actually pick up calls and check your calendar and e-mail when you're not at work. Not everyone is a 12yo who needs to constantly take selfies, look at facebook and instagram and listen to Ariana Grande on a school bus. OK? It's a solid phone that can be had for a really low price, and will give you 10x less frustration then an android counterpart at the same price, even if might seem better on paper. Oh, yeah, the screen looks washed out compared to AMOLED offers from Samsung and others, and is smaller and lower res as well.

  4. My birthday is this Thursday and I wanted a new phone I knew I wanted an iPhone but my mum said to find one that she can pay under £25 a month and this was only £19 a month so I think I have found my new phone

  5. I'm using a Sony Xperia z3 mini as my daily driver, but am switching soon to getting an Iphone 5s.

    Just a random question: Do I have to register a credit card number in the Apple store just for me to download apps for free?

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