Secrets of the 13 Crystal Skulls – 2017 Documentary

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20 thoughts on “Secrets of the 13 Crystal Skulls – 2017 Documentary”

  1. I could care less about a crystal skull but the creator of this story is a straight ASS! They come out and call the finders family liars based off of assumption. They did all the testing on a replica that is not a 100% replica. Anyone who knows the truth about quartz crystal know that these are living objects and it is possible to incode holograms and even sound into the creation. They said that because the replica was made with high power tools that theres no way this could be that old. Dumb asses. How are the huge 100 ton rocks fit into place with laser intricacy we cant even do today formed? either ancient civilizations or E'T's had the tech to do this. Why cant they run the same tests on the original? These people are idiots. To call someone a liar based on poor research is asinine. I am mad I wasted my time watching this BS! To the makers of this trash, TAKE A DICK FROM A EUROPEAN, REPLICATE IT CARVED IN PLAY DOUGH, RUN TESTS ON IT AND EAT THE DICK! aLL WHILE SOMEONE NARRATES THE ENTIRE THING WITH AN ENGLISH ACCENT ! SPOT ON OLE BOY, SPOT ON!

  2. it tickles​ me we think we are the best and brightest ever . I can't speak for this one , but it wouldn't surprise me if you got the thirteen skulls together and had to do something like get them close or arrange them or activate them with something . our great modern smart brains cant figure half the ancient stuff we can physically touch, or see nd hold today . but you listen to scholars of today we are far more advance than our ancestors. I call total buul crap. get it buul temple of buul.not bull lol.

  3. I have been theorizing about the skulls for 40+ years, Not all consuming but certainly in my thoughts. If the 13 skulls are legit, they are a tool of unknown creation. Like a clock 12 skulls are depenent on the 13th skull for activation. Don't know if all skulls are needed to work the tool? I won't get into what I think they are for and where there original location was although that is something I'm still working on. The 13th and middle skull has special powers separate from the other. As mentioned it is the activation skull. It's last self-theorized location is oddly enough somewhere in Florida although who has it now is a mystery to me.

  4. finding something in ruins doesn't necessarily mean that culture made it. it could be heirloom object found by that culture just like we do today. we see this around the world, egypt, china sumeria etc. to say it couldn't be ancient because it doesn't meet orthodox paradigm is no argument at all.

  5. Well, maybe I would be convinced if they actually used the real crystal skull to do all these experiments, but they didn't… they used the replica to make this documentary… the only time the real skull is shown is when the Mitchell hedges daughter takes it out of the box in that old footage…

  6. What they keep forgetting is that we aren't smarter than a few generations. Look at the Pyramids, we can't make one of them today. Everything goes in circles, and will continue to be repeated until we learn to not kill ourselves off. It's pretty apparent that the human race has gone almost extinct a few times in our past. Looks like we learn to make war a little too much, so much that we blow each other to kingdom come. If we could just for once, put the guns and tanks away and talk to each other…. not AT each other. If we don't, one of those times, there won't be any safe bunkers to escape to, mankind will go the way of so many animals. Is it really so hard to check your ego at the door?

  7. Why would they do the tests on the known replica? Get the skull back, do all the tests, and finally put this all to rest. Of course nothing will act like you expect, all because someone decided to use the copy. I would be concerned if the skull passed any test; since this skull wasn't the one that is supposed to be able to pass the tests. Looks to me like a complete waste of time.

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