Saviours Day 2017 “Have No Fear The Future Is Ours” Minister Farrakhan “Speaks” | Full Video!

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan electrifies an audience of thousands at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit by exposing the hypocrisy of leadership in the …

by Saviours Helper

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45 thoughts on “Saviours Day 2017 “Have No Fear The Future Is Ours” Minister Farrakhan “Speaks” | Full Video!”

  1. Y do so-called terrorists attack&Blow up the INNOCENT(2 whateverDEGREE) Public? N stead of Assassinating ILLUMINATI Figures ?? Bcause so called DEMON ELITE R THE MAIN FUNDERs of WORLD Terroriszm.

  2. I have studied all our black leaders of our time to gain wisdom to find out where I come and to know the truth about the black man that's not taught in America's schools. And out of all these leaders brother Farrakhan has taught me to speak for my self and never follow an idea that i do not subscribe to. And hat the black man is God. I can never thank him enough all i can say is i hope Allah blesses him and his family many times. But in closing ask yourself why can a white man kill all our leaders yet he is still alive? If you don't get that then it will never happen..

  3. Thank you and I appreciate your wisdom, I remember seeing you on tv on Donahue, The Honorable Minister Farrakhan, you're truly a messenger from God, I want to be apart , I'm tired of all these lies I've been taught, I want the truth, who can I contact .

  4. It does no good to have 100 churches in one block in the black community and still rampant killing and drug dealing. It does no good for great nice temples and ghettos all around them. COME OUT OF THOSE CHURCHES AND TEMPLES AND FIX UP THE COMMUNITUES AND PEOPLE SURROUNDING THEM.FOR FAR TOO LONG THIS IS THE PICTURE OF BLACK COMMUNITIES AROUND AMERICA! SPEND SOME OF THAT MONEY TO FIX THE GHETTOS AROUND THEM! When jesus walked the earth he healed the sick and eyesight to the blind in the ghettos.

  5. Black, white, yellow or red or what ever colour you are…you deserve a chance at a good life. If you want to be better than the current system, stop complainin and start making a difference to your community…thats how you change the future of the plight of your people, empower them through the success of creating money. Drugs and gangbangin and violence never created champions, being stronger and rising above those that look down on you is how you become the greatest you can be.

  6. I have a question for anyone who can or has the knowledge to inform an educate me… WHAT is the difference or distinction between the beliefs and ideology of brothers and sisters from the "nation of Islam" and the mainstream Muslims of the world? AND. DO Bros. and sisters from Nation of Islam, believe in Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and take Prophet Jesus (pbuh) or take Elijah Muhammad as their Prophet?

  7. no real black man or women should ever utter anything negative about this divine blessing 2 us…after what this luciferian race did 2 us…we should thanking the supreme being 4 this man and this day…

  8. The future is for those who do the will of Almighty GOD in Heaven ! and those who hate will go to hell ! We are all sinners , but GOD knows mens hearts ! And GOD is the most important ! May God bring peace to all those suffering all this hate. Its along road but in the end , you will get your good rewards if you GOD see's your good deeds !

  9. And there is where Farrakhan falls short. There is no Allah! The Quran stole and continues to steal from the Hebrew Bible. “For it has been written, “As I live, says יהוה, every knee shall bow to Me, and every tongue shall confess to Elohim.””
    ‭‭Romiyim (Romans)‬ ‭14:11‬ ‭TS2009‬‬

  10. All this sounds like grabbing the Lowest Hanging Fruit to me – but (at times) – it is good theatre – unfortunately the TRUTH does NOT seem to play any part in this – wonder why?

  11. Although LATE in watching this Video, There's one HUGE Flaw observed when Watching  Minister Louise Farrakhan give his much needed address to " Spiritually Hungry " Masses of Black People!  ….Whereas when the camera panned over this Black Audience, they were of quite a sizable multitude!  Damn-Near the Size of a Small City!   That crowd was Massive indeed!  ..And to think that practically every one of His speeches pulls this kind of crowd!  ..and one cant help but to say that he has quite the influence upon a vast number of people indeed! ……..OK, but here's the catch!  ..If he were to whack the podium and shout " DAMIT!!  WE ALL NEED TO CHANGE AND IT STARTS RIGHT HERE AND RIGHT NOW!! "  would likely be followed by damn-near everyone bursting up off their chairs cheers him on  with a lingering  standing novation!  ……and then…….. Return to their seats …….resuming their silent stares! ……" EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM "  and at the end of his speech, they all return to their lives and it all business as usual! …….  But with all those likeminded Beautiful Black People there, one cant help but to wonder whether or not they realize they " themselves " are all the answer to everything about and for themselves!  ….They're all sitting there while seemingly unbeknownst that they are all collectively an "industry"  and economy!  ..ALL while sitting Right There next to each other!     ……STARING at "ONE MAN" for their guidance and Answers as if to expect him to wave some kind of magic wand   (Over all of their heads at once)  and PRESTO!!!  everything if fixed!!!!!   ….All while they  " SIT THERE NEXT TO EACH OTHER "  as the "Answers" to virtually everything they could ever collectively want!  …..Just cant help to figure With all the underlying themes against "Racist Whites" as the Devils, WHY haven't  Minister Louis Farrakhan  made this distinction which  could  (and even still can)  effectively trivialize (if not marginalize/Minimize) the Impact/effects of said Racist Whites in Question! … (among other issues/experiences) ..In other words, if ALL of those Blacks Present at this Gather were to look towards one-another and give/receive support, they can "Reinvent" conditions for themselves that virtually ALL blacks would Benefits from and progress therefrom even further.

  12. This man speak of hate. He talks down on Jesus he uses the people struggle for his strength of his own religion. He doesn't speak of truth but rather by his own heart. He will answer for his actions at judgment. Oh DONT THINK THE LORD HIS NOT WATCHING!!!!!

  13. All these talks and no action since over 60years. "We wuz kangz", "blackwoman is kang","we wuz these we wuz that" how about we get to the doing and not just fantasizing?
    The Whiteman hast the drones, the F-16, satellites, war ships, tanks, mines, submarines, aint-aircrafts,humvees, all sorts of state-of-the-art snipers,bazookas and rifles and to top it all the Nuclear weapon to wipe out any society out the surface of the planet at the tip of his index finger, when are Negros going to get realistic about that? We are cursed and we were created to be under. Yes, we can adjust and be less dependent but, as long as you can't build weapons that trump all those above mentioned things? you just dreaming. ohh! I forgot to mention the biggest weapon of all that the whiteman possess, Unity/code and logic, something that has long been non-existent in the black community.
    The way we worship "hon. lious fahrakhan" is ridiculous, Malcom came and bounced, so did , ali and Elijah mohamed's son and many more we don't know of, so what is the common denominator here? the whole movement, if anyone can connect dots, we all would see the ministers and the Nation is corrupt and narcissistic and that is why people are running away. You mean the Minister is really a threat to "white supremacy" and he has been left to live this long? Nigga please! the day blacks start thinking logically is the day we will end white supremacy, until then, enjoy listening to played out rhetoric that these pimp preachers know you like hearing just to boost your already low selfesteem.

  14. i don't understand why he admire two must killer in the,world khadafi and castro for real is he liking coz of he has something in common. you know there is saying birds and features flock together, as we need you have a blood in your hand, you killed Malcolm x. you really belong to jail because you cut off his soul Malcolm x.

  15. I don't understand why Muslims in America dislike the nation of islam. Black people in America wouldn't have known that much about or be one if it wasn't for the nation. They introduced it to us.

  16. Farralkhan is Satan !!! Just listen to this fool .. all the scriptures tells us how to prepare yourself from this fool and evil doer. god is going to make him suffer for his evil words and the ways he is spreading such filth He was so jealous of Malcom X that he had him killed. This man is a poor excuse of a human being… how can these people listen to this? Oh thats right , he collects simple minded people and makes them believe that it other peoples fault for them being hooked on drugs. what a fool

  17. The speak in vain. They speak of Hatred , they blame others for there drug problems..
    Sound like lucifer , vain conceited… these are not fruits of the holy god… These people are a crazy cult! They are not humble , they are wicked tongues…. Shame on them and may the holy father shown a sign to these wicked wicked people… Pity on these fools.. I seen so many of these evil tapes and they are a bunch of conceited fools. hate mongers blaming others because of there skin colors…. It sounds like the RWANDA all over again. when they killed people because of the size of there noses.. they were called cockroaches and tootsies but if the white british man did not step in and save them , the cockraoches would have destroyed black innocent families… Farrakhan os nothing but a evil brainwashing man of lucifer. The heavenly father will make sure he will not be a part of the heaven. MISCHIEVOUS !!! blasphemy farrakhan is a blasphemer a evil spirt… ask all the african americans who have a education and they will tell you , this man is SICKOOOO… your full of bullish**!!! get over yourself.. slavery also existed for the white irish, and slavery exists in africa because black men are slaving black woman… go ahead and feed your lies lucifer, be very careful….. you know what the holy bible warns ministers and preachers about feeding hatred.. shame shame shame

  18. Farrakhan's anger is justified. The American/African negro was and still is a practice ground for atrocities and experimentation. The Europeans killed and exterminated millions of people in Congo in order to take control. King Leopold II. 10 million killed. East Africa was the same. People were exterminated so that control by the white could be easy. Africa was a free for all. Gold/Diamonds were taken. The machine gun massacred millions and countries created. Even India suffered the same fate. The killings and massacre was official and the Governments and Kings authorised it for gain. The world was easy to control and take over if there were less people in it.
    Slavery was not just transportation but mass killings. The dispersal was to make sure no skeletons remained. The evidence is everywhere.
    Just because they put
    a black man in the White House doesn't mean the thinking has changed.
    I was born in Africa and my parents came from India. I live in London now. Traces of Colonialism and stories of massacre is everywhere.

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