Saudi Arabian Army vs IRAN Army (Military Power Comparison) | 2015

Saudi Arabian Army vs IRAN Army (Military Power Comparison) | 2015
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18 thoughts on “Saudi Arabian Army vs IRAN Army (Military Power Comparison) | 2015”

  1. Saudis  sick in their ritual scheme of hatred life's span is short health psychologically. Incompatible to other countries trait the ritual  forms impoverish life scheme below common standard of living.

  2. If both countries go to war, without usa interfering….Iranians would fuck these sand niggers in Riyadh in one one week. desert roaming towel head sand bigger. Vivala Iran from Portugal.

  3. Seriously guys.
    What the fuck is wrong with you people?
    I DON'T give a damn whether or not you like Saddam or hate Iran or dream about an anti Iranian Arabian empire that has been lost for centuries.
    For God's sake this is what the ISIS wants,they want to make a hole between Sunnis and Shias so they can continue their job more easily.
    Let's all be friends for fuck sake,if you think Iranians aren't muslims or they should be wiped out or if you are an Iranian that thinks vice versa,then you should go and join ISIS you ignorant hypocrite fuck.

  4. @Mo Z, don't usualy get into these conversation but thanks for humor, sure an intellectual with Duck pict calling iranians silly is always interesting,walk like a duck, talk like a duck, must be a duck hahha iran , Earan was called Persian because of Greeks Parsian..never-mind just read more. if saudies pay you to read hahahah

  5. usa dogs ( saudis ) might be equipped more military hardware … but they dont have balls and enough intelligence to deal with iran inteligence can compete with mossad and cia even better than them so they have no chance to fight with iran on their own …

  6. Wow. So many stupid comments below saying ISIS is Iranian, etc etc.. Let's get the facts straight as I'll be extremely pissed off if the West gets involved in another Saudi adventure
    1. ISIS and Al Qaeda are funded majoritively via donations from the Gulf States (Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait) not Iran.
    a. ISIS fighters using TOWs. Iran doesn't have TOWs. Saudi Arabia uses TOWs.
    b. ISIS is Sunni, not Shiite. The Gulf States are Sunni, Iran is Shiite. Just look at who ISIS is fighting in Iraq and Syria – Shiites!
    c. 12 of the 19 9/11 terrorists came from Saudi Arabia. Osama Bin Laden was Saudi Arabian.
    d. Largest funder of extremist material in Western mosques are Saudi charities. Just google it.. here's a couple of links anyway..;
    e. I have a number of Muslim friends from Indonesia, Jordan and Pakistan who are constantly advising me that Saudi 'charities' are funding extremist maddrasah and creating the next generation of terrorists
    f. Wikileaks.. &

    I could go on..

    Sure Iran sponsors terrorism too (Hezbollah and the al Quds), but if I was to look at who we have been fighting since 9/11, not one legitimate target has had anything to do with Iran. Whereas Saudi has been actively supporting, financing, manning and providing religious guidance to the main terrorist groups we are fighting.

  7. balls and brain is something Saudi Arabia hasn't got. Iranians have those big time and they have proven it in the war against the late Saddam Hussein (american poppet). Saudis can not even produce the towels on their heads( that is the truth please Google it up before starting an argument). but Iranians make almost everything by themselves.

  8. When the army of al-Saud with the Iranian military compare embarrassed if I happen war. Al Saud less than 1 week is finished. Al Saud destroyed .spah bristle with America and Israel. What are you saying chickens. Destroy Israel are very strong. Iran will kill all enemy no matter what race they are. Or of what country.

  9. عندما جيش آل سعود مع الجيش الإيراني مقارنة بالحرج إذا كنت يحدث الحرب. آل سعود الانتهاء من أقل من 1 في الاسبوع. دمر آل سعود .spah الشعر الخشن مع أمريكا وإسرائيل. ماذا تقول الدجاج. تدمير إسرائيل هي قوية جدا. ان ايران قتل جميع الأعداء بغض النظر عن العرق الذي ينتمي إليه، أو من أي بلد أنت ؟.

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