39 thoughts on “Satellite Pictures of Mars 2017”

  1. Mars has a weaker Rayleigh scattering effect than Earth, similar to what you'd see if you were 100,000 feet up (where air pressure is similar to that of Mars). However as the atmosphere if very dusty it appears more butterscotch than deep blue due to Mie scattering. However on very calm Martian days there may too little dust suspended in the atmosphere it may appear a very deep blue and lighter blue near the horizon.

  2. Awesome images. thanks.and keep em coming. the best way to get to any truth is to go to the source and determine if they are a proven liar or not. i think your just giving us the facts and the rest can make up their own minds or conspiracies. personally i think we are just viewing our possible future or our possible past home. either way if people just looked in the mirror they would see the computer they are trying to create.

  3. Will someone tell me the alleged story about the "Face" at 3:38?? Something about the picture inset at the bottom-right was taken a few decades earlier and the full image was recent. Somehow the rock face was desecrated?? That sound right? Now, the UFO folks believe it was ET's getting rid of evidence; the Scientists on-board believe it was something as simple as a windstorm??

  4. I love Mars. Feel a sort of connection to Mars. At the 2:40 mark my eyes see an artificial structure that has been covered by the Martian landscape except for slivers of openings showing squared off sections. Natural?

    THE CAMERA ON MY CELL PHONE IS BETTER THAN THIS. – This is proof of a cover-up, what else could it be ?

  6. sign up go there live in a death trap.  Ok Ok lets say there is oxygen water some sort of life .Who fucking cares . Yourm not going to get your snow bunny to have any fun whatsoever on mars where the max temp at equauater may sometimes in rare occasions hit 60 deg but mostly at 30 deg  and everwhere ele way below zero and hey lets try to grow a flower for your snowbunny not going to happen face it those idiots thjat signed up for a one way trip to mars signed up for a one way trip to hell and death.

  7. Why does Mars look like it has water on its surface? It also looks like it has an habitable atmosphere. Does anyone agree? In my opinion it see like there is more to Mars than they led on to be.

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