Santa Barbara Road Race 2017, Cat 3 – Final Sprint Crash

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This is the crash that occurred at the sprint finish of the Cat 3 Santa Barbara Road Race.This year’s finish was DANGEROUS as the finish had us sprinting over a …

31 thoughts on “Santa Barbara Road Race 2017, Cat 3 – Final Sprint Crash”

  1. If a human being crashes on a race and you leave him behind, what good is first place when God is watching for the real champion who helps his fellows in distress? You might win first place in the competition, but in reality, you are the biggest loser. When will humanity learn this?

  2. Why yo'all sprinting from 20th place? You thinking you might get top 3? LOL Its clear you wont even make it to top 10, so why risk it for nothing? Always amazed at the ppl at Eldo/Westchester/Carson/{Inser Any Socal Crit here} who all of a sudden thinking they can sprint from the back of the pack..

  3. Ahh… so many weekend warrior weight weenies with their shaved legs, high tech carbon bikes and little spandex shorts. Cute.
    Unless you are a child or a professional cyclist, leave those toys alone and get off the damn road. You'll never be sponsored by Sky Team, you bunch of pretentious pencil-necks. Is it fun to wear a jersey of a pro team and pretend you're sponsored? I bet you guys masturbate to pictures of Cavendish and the likes when your wives are not looking, lol

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