48 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Stunning Design Revealed | 2nd Leaked – 2017”

  1. What's so stunning about this? It's the same looking shit as the s7 and s6 apart from no home button hardly innovating when other phones already don't have home buttons. It's got a curved screen is that supposed to be new? Samsung are such a joke now the iPhone 8 OLED version will blow this out of the water.

  2. Apple doesn't like sharing, and Samsung is to fast for Apple, Apple likes to put tec out like rare Diamonds! not too much but just enough to satisfy the consumer, but Samsung floods the market overwhelming the consumer. We like overwhelment!! too much seems to be too little sometimes lol we way behind when it comes to tec anyway since the fall of Rome 2000 years ago. So Samsung keep doing what you do and Apple keep doing what it is you do…..

    ps. Still Rocking My Note 7

  3. Apple removes the home button, what does samsung do? Removes it from the Galaxy S series. Apple release a phone with dual cameras at the back, what does Samsung do? Adds 2 cameras at the back of their phone. Apple adds stereo speakers, what does samsung do? You guessed it!

  4. People say finger print scanner is beside the camera at the back and there will be no more s8 edge just s8 and s8plus and both have edge screen

  5. Hey there is only going to be two version of this phone and is the galaxy s8 and the galaxy s8 plus not a edge this time around also is not going to have 4K display and the fingerprint sensor is going to be on the back

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