Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016) vs Galaxy J7 – Speed & Camera Test (4K)

Speed and camera comparison of the new Samsung Galaxy A7 2016 vs Galaxy J7 side by side including multitasking, apps opening, browsing, photos and video quality comparison.
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50 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016) vs Galaxy J7 – Speed & Camera Test (4K)”

  1. dear admin I have one problem with my j7.everyday I am restarting mobile 3 4 time because video sometimes not playing then I should restart mobile please give the solution.when I play the song nothing on screen.

  2. When using j7 camera click allways on screen to properly focus objects, rapid pans do nothing but to blur the image and of curse you can´t see for sure the j7 camera performance…

  3. +XEETECHCARE Im planning to buy a phone and Im choosing from Samsung A7 2016 or Samsung J7 2016.What should I choose in terms of performance and overall quality?Please help me choose.

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