Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) vs iPhone 7 Plus – Speed Test! (4K)

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Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 vs iPhone 7 Speed Test. A full speed test battle between the new mid range Galaxy A5 2017 vs iPhone 7 including apps opening, …


28 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) vs iPhone 7 Plus – Speed Test! (4K)”

  1. I`m a fan of Samsung. I use by now only phones from Samsung but after so much time i get kinda bored of the Android of Samsung and i`m thinking to buy an iPhone SE. Right now i have a Samsung Galaxy A5 2017. Do you think it`s worth to change it with an SE ?

  2. Oh my God I'm impressed!
    My last iPhone is the iPhone 6, but what I hate is the screen is too warm, it's way too yellowish compared to my Galaxy S6, even without Night Shift turned on. I guess I'm gonna buy the A5 2017, too! This phone is impressive!
    and based on my experience, Samsung's Exynos processor DOES NOT heat up even if you're playing heavy games AND charge the phone at the same time. Good job, Samsung!

  3. That vidéo just show you what difference is between samsung galaxy A5 and Iphone 7 !!! it's not about who is the best or not they are both good phone It's just about preference x) !!! For me if i buy one of them i think i will buy Samung galaxy A5 but Iphone7 is still good too It's just about preference !!!! <3

  4. Im an apple fan but i have to admit that Samsung at the moment is way better than the iphone . Since steve jobs death Apple is going down the drain , Apple will have the same fate as Nokia did if they dont change

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