Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 vs iPhone 6S – Speed Test!

Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 or iPhone 6S- Which is the best buy? 6S is affordable nowadays on Amazon! US – Connect with us on …

by Tech Trinkets

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43 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 vs iPhone 6S – Speed Test!”

  1. This are both new so why don’t you do a review a year later iPhones go really slow after all the updates i have an iPhone 5s this is the second time it broke from nothing really it’s terrible am getting an A5 just saying because it annoys half of people not all usually teens get iPhone to look cool

  2. This A5 (2017)
    has the 6.0 ( marshmallow ) version. That's why it's not very optimised. With the 7.0 version and Samsung Experience 8.0, I think it'll be better than the old version.

  3. When the iphone came out it costed $800 and the A5 2017 came out $400 so the iphone should be better costing 2x the cost and not to mention the older software on the iphone so the a5 is way better

  4. Are you that stupid? The A5 has an 8 core processor and 3GB of Ram, and SD card support, for half the price, it crushes the iPhone7 and put a phone at the same price next to it, S7 crushes the iPhone 6, please do some research before saying stupid shit. iOS will never touch Android, my old moto e for half the price is better than the iPod 6.

  5. the spec of a5 2017 is better.a5 has octa core ( 8x cores ) 1.8 ghz and iphone 6s has dual core( 2x cores) 2.2 ghz so at all a5 is 14.4 and iphone is 4.4 ghz but i still prefer the iphone.a5 is better at all but i will always be a fan of apple

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