Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017) vs A3 (2016) – Should You Upgrade? EARLY COMPARISON! (4K)

Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017) vs A3 (2016). An early comparison between Galaxy A3 2017 vs A3 2016 Should you upgrade? Let’s find out. ▻▻ Subscribe Now …


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41 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017) vs A3 (2016) – Should You Upgrade? EARLY COMPARISON! (4K)”

  1. Oh looks, they made it plasticky and slippery.. "nice" :/
    What happened to the unibody?
    That was a major selling point..
    And why did they make it bigger?
    The 4.5" form factor was also a selling point (for me).
    Is there really no longer an option outside iPhone if you want a compact performance smartphone anymore?
    I`d like something with the construction and form factor if an iPhone 4S, but with android, a decent camera, and decent performance.
    Is that so hard?

  2. help! i'm getting my dad a phone. i'm considering btwn A3 (2016) and J5 Prime. which should i get that is better quality? they seem the same to me…

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