Samsung Developer Conference 2016, Designed For Your Next Opportunity #2

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1 thought on “Samsung Developer Conference 2016, Designed For Your Next Opportunity #2”

  1. Samsung photo/video defection?

    At CES 2016 there was big announcement about Samsung "genius fridge" with cameras inside, doing everything but eating your food.

    Noticeably absent was anything about Samsung line of NX series of cameras, with rumors flying around that Samsung is abandoning the cameras, that they are disappearing from the stores, no resupply.

    If true, this might go down as a "Dumbest decision of century" after warm acceptance of NX cameras and lenses by photo/video community.

    When I saw ad proclaiming "NX1 – A whole New Dimension of Detail, with stunning 4K UHD video capabilities….." I figured this is a perfect tool to migrate to new heights of video/photography that upcoming technology is heralding – major move from printed media to video/visual experience.

    I realized that new wave of TV sets with their size, resolution, 4k or 8k UHD, 3D capabilities opens up whole new way of capturing life around us. Perfect photos and videos can now be enjoyed by professionals and amateurs. I was excited and got NX1 with bunch of lenses, very impressing. Then NX500 followed for casual and travel shooting. Then 2D/3D lens, Gear VR glasses, drone for aerial shots. I see this as a perfect match of capture and display gizmos made by Samsung – huge, progressive, reputable company, that is beating dinosaurs like Nikon, Canon, etc. Add the advances in memory, gizmos, processing software, all at now affordable cost – watch out Michelangelo, here I come!

    And then?….and then?….

    Rumors on the blog sites start flying that Samsung is pulling out of camera business, lenses and NX cameras are being discontinued in the stores, or maybe sold to Nikon?

    Huh? (or WTF?)

    I am not prophet, but I grew up with film and dark room stuff, lived through shoulder video cameras, welcomed digital stuff, to finally see the incredible potential for the new generation of equipment. Being robotics and communications design engineer, I can see the potential and direction where the technology is heading. I can’t believe that the smart heads at Samsung would decide to dump the NX and future lines in place of what? Smart Fridge?

    The reality is that Samsung managed to produce promising line of displays and recording equipment and could cream the competition by offering complete solutions for UHD, 3D, VR, glasses TV….. but seemingly decided to scrap their "new Dimension" ?

    There a lot of people disenchanted, some are dumping their gear, some are holding on in hope of having unique and advanced tools that might become rare collector’s items.

    I hope that the rumors are not true and Samsung decides to continue this pioneering line of cameras and gadgets. If they need some advice, ideas and assistance by devoted users, I am sure many of us would be willing to contribute. With demonstrated capabilities and huge manufacturing base, Samsung could be the king of the media hill.

    On behalf of NX and SmartTV aficionados I ask you to reconsider, beef up service department and continue to expand the media business.

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