Sambuhay TV Mass | Easter Sunday of the Lord’s Resurrection (C) | March 27, 2016

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21 thoughts on “Sambuhay TV Mass | Easter Sunday of the Lord’s Resurrection (C) | March 27, 2016”

  1. happy Easter and god bless this day that God has rising from the dead and featured the lite so the devil could not take pour souls and take them into the shadows and that is not there home for the ones who believe God they should not be punished for doing nothing wrong and loving God for all of there hope and love every easter I and my family watch the pashion.amen

  2. Happy Easter Sunday to all!!! Thank you so much Sambuhay tvmass… Alelluia Alelluia Our Lord Jesus Christ Is Risen Alelluia Alelluia!!! Pray for my family specially to my fathers health… God Bless Us

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