19 thoughts on “Sadhguru – How to seek and get everything you need in 2017!”

  1. Lately people have started re-posting Isha owned videos under their personal accounts to steal the traffic and generate ad revenue through click-bait titles and decitful descriptions. Some have started new channels with Isha videos and started embedding their personal sales materials for various products.

    The strategy is extremely simple and effective. Deliberately use Sadhguru Videos to promote channels on YouTube. Once you get enough members, rename the channel to sell products and ideas that have nothing to with Isha. YouTube is littered with many such fake channels that are profiting by leveraging Isha videos.

    Based on what I see here, it is hard for me to accept that you (person who is reposting Isha Videos) have noble intentions. If you are truly in to something, you would give it a try and post your original content based on whether something worked for you or it did not. Sadhguru intention is to establish yoga based tools, organizational infrastructure and processes so that it will last thousands of years. If people are hizacking his videos while he is still in the body, imagine what will happen once is gone. This is exactly what happened to pre-colonial yoga (the yoga that existed before the British Colonization).

    The goal here is build a subscriber and consumers list for what AbrahamHicks really wants to sell.

    Have a great day.

  2. Meanwhile, Sadhguru currently is this world's ultimate perfectionist, in the art of mixing my words, in with one's own words. Clyde Lewis also works at the same thing. How many such others are out there, universally, whom I haven't noticed, in particular?

  3. Like Sadhguru, Clyde Lewis also thinks that at least a seed of divinity is within you, and I surmise, for now, that both Sadhguru and Clyde are secular. That's a foreboding thought, when I consider that I prophesied the works of both. So, pray that not a whole 90% of this world will wind up being secular. Meanwhile, Trump's our man! Sadhguru can only teach about the amazing detail within a honeybee, WHILE noting NOTHING about creation, and, I conclude that he's secular.

  4. DESIGN EVOLUTION has been mistaken for being no-design evolution, which is what much of the secular world believes in. It seems to me that Sadhguru work might be one of Satan's recent versions of instruction, where people teach of, or believe in, grades of combinations of design-by-man evolution, with no-design evolution. Neither the Bible nor the Koran, teaches pure, exotic design evolution theory, yet it's the ultimate reality, that I teach, while others aren't teaching it.

  5. Today, I suspect that Sadhguru is secular, and shows intense focus on divinity within self, only through a belief that man created man. That also is the teaching of Clyde Lewis, but Clyde, of Ground Zero Radio, might be slightly less of a hypocrite, because Clyde will openly, publicly teach, that he believes that evolution plays a large, second place role in creation. But, evolution plays no role, in creation, I'm always positively sure.

  6. The dance of tenth incarnation comes both after, & between adventures, & goes into the bottomless, & isn't exactly what anyone except Brahman, would consider to be straight. It's straight, but for an instant in time, let's see it as everyone sees it, namely, wildly crooked. God's the builder of multiple religions, & from now to ~2048 (or 2047), God will be the renovator/refiner of multiple religions, geared to modern, diverse cultures. Any one religion & culture will judge the path as crooked. Religions call it crooked.

  7. Oooooh! Watch the dance, become aware of it, get sucked into it, become a part of the dance of the dancer, who's motion is just the flight – like a perfect flight into the bottomless, but still, not that. Maybe, exactly, first that, but then, the perfect result, later, also. Let the dance be the dance of the soul of Brahman. (I no longer believe Sadhguru, as he seems to pretend to have no respect for date, 2047. But, …?) Meanwhile, of course, there's no new weeds. The newness doesn't exist.

  8. Sadhguru, Buddha stated that contentment is the highest wealth. If you are enlightened, why do you need material possessions like a motorcycle to be happy? This would be seen as a burden in Buddhism as all material possessions are fetters to the radiant mind

  9. Sadhguru
    I would love to go for stroll
    With this great bloke
    He oozes truth
    And all who hear
    His words know
    He is a jet from the fountain
    Of life
    In which he loves
    And receives
    So much
    That he
    Devoted to you
    As the more
    Of you
    That feel the music
    It's roar
    It's nature
    A gift back
    Of your joy
    Is his joy
    A happy day

  10. Fooling people with Sadguru videos to get more subscriptions. There's nothing specific to 2017 in this video. The title is misleading. Don't try to fool people.

  11. I recognize the need to make some money, but these ads in the middle of the talk are very disturbing. I don't want to block all ads because I really think you need compensation. So please stop with these adds every few minutes or everyone will suffer with people like me blocking all adds from everyone because it is not possible to do it only on your talks

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