Sadhguru 2017 – Ways of keeping your high vibration (new)

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32 thoughts on “Sadhguru 2017 – Ways of keeping your high vibration (new)”

  1. I am watching the video but something is wrong here i dont see sadguru only his picture it might be someone is imitating his voice LOL what YouTube people will do for likes and views

  2. 70 years of vote bank dynastic rule only bothered to keep the dynastic family in power at the cost of the nation. That means increasing downtrodden (70%) & sharing poverty. Now, the new govt should put top priority to population control. Corrupt Indian presstitues (paid media) & cunning left liberals would make hue and cry but tell these traitors that all islamic nations have family planning. India's interest is first not the vote bank which destroyed this nation by voting to power corrupt state govts in many states to serve their selfish interest.

  3. in my dream tonight i was in a company of a beautiful man interacting with me… we played ball. the next thing i noticed was my hairy legs. my legs were hairier than his. there was no point of embarrasing and hiding my unshaved legs cos he already saw it. i kept on playing. and the man did not disgust over it. it was a really enlightening dream to me. he accepted me as i was not judging for a sec. that's the clue for having 8 billion individual religions..

  4. Why I like this man, his very explanation satisfies the logical reasoning part of my intellect in its purest form
    His answers comes as a big relief including .the one on prayers great man indeed

  5. The guru from Heaven´s kitchen as he once said to Gordon Ramsey….. 😉 Well said to that choleric and despotic cook/chef….Never forget him complaining over transitional gearboxes which no one else but Gordon Ramsey self have ever heard about…….

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